Embrace Cozy Season with These Home and Style Upgrades

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Get your winter A-team ready with a sleep-altering comforter, sumptuous house dress, and plush sleep mask.

By Jennifer Berry

Date November 29, 2022

It’s almost December, the temps continue to drop, and all we want to do is stay inside and watch holiday rom-coms. So let’s do it, no? (Except for when we feel like getting dolled up and hitting the holiday party circuit, that is. We’re layered!) Cozy season is here and there are countless ways to make your stay-at-home moments infinitely comfier. We scoured the internet, Instagram and TikTok for plush, lush and luxe items to toast-ify you from head to toe, from your perpetually chilly toes to your snooze-craving eyes. It’s a tough job, but somebody had to do it. From body-hugging comforters to soul-caressing sweater dresses, we’re rounding up 9 ways to upgrade your life this winter and embrace the season once and for all. Bonus: these make excellent cozy gifts for the consummate homebody on your list *and* there are lots of Canadian brands here, too, for those who want to prioritize shopping local.

Here are 9 impossibly cozy gifts for you or your loved ones.


I’ve been a “duvet and duvet cover” gal for basically my entire adult life so I can’t tell you my excitement about having a silly-soft organic cotton comforter that I can throw in the wash and not have to wrestle back into its sheath. This baby is lightweight enough to not feel suffocating but with a bit of extra heft to help lull you into a deep slumber.

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Hear me out: a plush knit dress that you can wear at home in lieu of a sweatsuit or throw on with tights and lug-sole boots for a rare winter outing.

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The Splurge-y Candle

Large Baies/Berries Candle

($567, Diptyque)

This mega-candle is a total treat and that’s what makes it so appealing. The three-wick candle is nestled in a gold-specked terracotta vessel, making it a lovely sight to behold on your coffee table all winter (and holiday season) long.

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The Ultimate Pillowcase

Blush Queen Zippered Pillowcase

($119, Slip)

These O.G. silk pillowcases have unlocked icon status. Resting your weary head on one not only allows for a gentle night of rest on your hair and skin, but you feel like actual royalty snoozing on it.

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The Indulgent Bubble Bath

Because what’s more comforting than a hot bubble bath on a winter’s eve?

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What feels more decadent than slipping into a sleep mask before turning off your bedside lamp? It’s a ritual I relish and this lightly padded eye mask, shaped to keep the light out, has really upped my bedtime game.

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The Festive Diffuser

Aroma (Be) Free Ruby

($118, Saje)

A cordless, rechargeable diffuser that fills your sacred space with lavender oil *and* looks like a delightful object without being overly holiday? Sold!

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The Sturdy Slipper

Suede Slippers

($80, Livøm)

These divine suede slippers are the ultimate house shoe thanks to their sturdy, but still cushioned, sole. Bonus: They’re from a Canadian, family-owned company with a focus on sustainability.

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This clever product is basically like a weighted blanket the size of a bath towel. Our beauty director Natasha busted it out the other night when she was having a restless sleep and said it comforting and made a noticeable difference to her sleep.

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