FA Cup prize money breakdown: How much do the winners get in 2022?

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FA Cup - England - 2021 (Getty Images)

The FA Cup, successful its 141st variation since its inception successful 1871, is 1 of the large competitions connected the English shot calendar and the oldest home knockout contention successful the world.

The tournament is unfastened to each clubs successful the apical 10 tiers of the sport in England, with 124 teams participating in the archetypal round, including each 92 from the apical 4 tiers of the nonrecreational game. We're present into the 3rd circular of the 2021-22 FA Cup which is acceptable to footwear disconnected connected the play of Friday, Jan. 7 with Premier League and Championship teams entering the fray.

Given the agelong contented of the competition, simply hoisting the FA Cup trophy represents a vocation accomplishment for astir players. The automatic berth into the pursuing season's Europa League radical signifier is an added bonus.

But determination is besides important prize wealth up for grabs for the tourney winner. Here's the breakdown of the currency astatine involvement for the clubs successful the competition. 

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FA Cup prize wealth successful 2022

A Premier League squad that enters successful the 3rd circular and goes connected to triumph the FA Cup would nett that nine a full of $4,625,000. Quite the boon.

The large wealth comes from conscionable making the final, with teams paid retired archetypal for winning their semifinal and past again whether they triumph oregon suffer the final. So a semifinal triumph guarantees a treble payday nary substance the effect of rubric match.

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Below is the afloat breakdown of prize wealth per circular for men's clubs, according to the FA's authoritative release .

These payments are the aforesaid arsenic past season's total, and down from the 2019-20 variation of the tourney which saw the last winners nett $4,800,000 conscionable for triumph astatine Wembley. The FA explained successful 2020 that the prize values were dropping owed to the fiscal interaction of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Breakdown of FA Cup triumph bonuses successful 2022

Round Receiving Clubs Payout per club
1st Round winners 40 $30,000
2nd Round winners 20 $46,000
3rd Round winners 32 $111,000
4th Round winners 16 $122,000
5th Round winners 8 $244,000
Quarterfinal winners 4 $488,000
Semifinal losers 2 $610,000
Semifinal winners 2 $1,220,000
Runner-up 1 $1,220,000
Champion 1 $2,440,000

FA Cup gross receipts and summons gross split

The official 2021-22 FA Cup tourney rules relationship for however summons gross is divided betwixt clubs. The large summons payday for matches is not conscionable enjoyed by the location squad that is drawn to service arsenic host.

The Football Association requires some clubs participating successful a lucifer to divided the nett summons gross evenly done to the quarterfinals. The lone clip this 50-50 divided changes is erstwhile a nine extracurricular the Premier League oregon Football League (Championship, League One, League Two) plays against a club hailing from the apical 4 tiers. In that lawsuit the divided is 55-45 favoring the squad extracurricular the apical 4 divisions.

When it comes to the semifinals and final, typically held astatine London's Wembley Stadium, these events are handled differently.

Participating clubs don't get a stock of immoderate gross receipts for the FA Cup final, but they bash get a stock of the semifinal summons sales: 

  • the archetypal 5.5% of the nett receipts from the semis are claimed by the FA for organisation to affiliated associations;
  • then the 4 semifinalist clubs evenly divided up 58.5% of what's left.

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