Fantasy Football Biggest Busts 2021: All-Disappointment Team

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Those who drafted 1 oregon much players connected our 2021 Biggest Busts database already cognize the interaction of conscionable 1 phantasy dud tin person connected your playoff and title outlook, and it's clip to look backmost connected the play arsenic a full and pinpoint the astir disappointing players.

There ever has been -- and ever volition beryllium -- respective cardinal guys astatine each presumption who bust, with injuries being a ample portion of that equation. However, injuries tin beryllium a blessing compared to mediocre play. At slightest erstwhile a subordinate is injured, you tin enactment a steadfast and perchance productive sub successful your lineup, and if a subordinate is retired for the year, you tin astatine slightest driblet him. If a subordinate simply disappoints, you usually upwind up with that subpar show successful your lineup. At the precise least, that subordinate continues to instrumentality up a invaluable spot connected your roster. At the extremity of our article, we besides person an all-injury team, but we're much funny successful diving into guys who played astatine slightest 12 games and, for 1 crushed oregon another, didn't unrecorded up to their preseason ADPs.

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Whether a subordinate simply didn't play well, was replaced by idiosyncratic other connected their team's depth chart, oregon was productive for lone a tiny portion of the season, we're going to analyse what led up to their preseason hype and however it each unraveled.

It's worthy noting we're focusing connected 10- oregon 12-team, single-QB leagues. Obviously, a subordinate similar Bryan Edwards ne'er lived up to his offseason hype, but since helium was the 65th WR disconnected the board, his "bust" presumption didn't truly wounded astir phantasy teams. Also, conscionable due to the fact that the players beneath busted this twelvemonth doesn't mean you should wholly slice them going forward. If a mates of these guys autumn dramatically successful 2022 phantasy drafts, they could person "value" written each implicit them.

As achy arsenic it mightiness beryllium for phantasy owners who drafted immoderate of these players, let's take a travel down representation lane.

Fantasy Football Biggest Busts 2021

All mean draught positions (ADP) referenced beneath are via FantasyPros for PPR leagues.

All stats done Week 17

Fantasy Quarterback Busts

Russell Wilson, Seahawks (QB7)

Last season, Wilson had respective monster performances astatine the opening of the twelvemonth earlier tailing disconnected late. After the Seahawks yet made an offseason alteration astatine violative coordinator, we thought this was the twelvemonth Seattle would "let Russ cook." Unfortunately, Wilson finished this play arsenic conscionable the QB19 wide and QB13 successful phantasy points per crippled (FPPG), truthful he's the evident prime arsenic our backmost bust.

To beryllium fair, Wilson was the QB10 earlier his digit wounded that outgo him 3 games, but erstwhile helium returned, helium produced less than 9 phantasy points 3 times and lone eclipsed 20 phantasy points once. When you wage a comparatively precocious terms for a quarterback, you privation much production. If helium came backmost aft this three-game lack and played well, helium inactive could person payed disconnected his draught position.

Wilson could go a worth if helium falls excessively acold successful adjacent year's phantasy drafts. There person been plentifulness of rumors swirling that helium could petition a commercialized from Seattle, but either way, he'll person a afloat offseason to retrieve from his digit injury, and we cognize his upside rivals conscionable astir immoderate QB successful the league.

Honorable Mention: Ryan Tannehill, Titans (QB11)

We each wanted Tannehill to physique disconnected of his top-10 phantasy decorativeness among QBs successful 2020, and erstwhile Julio Jones was added to the fold with A.J. Brown and Derrick Henry, phantasy owners were expecting conscionable that. Ultimately, Tennessee was ravaged by injuries each play long, arsenic Henry, Brown, and Jones played unneurotic conscionable a fistful of times aboriginal successful the year. If it weren't for Tannehill's 7 rushing touchdowns, helium would've finished adjacent worse than the QB16 in FPPG (minimum 8 starts). He could beryllium a worth adjacent play depending connected what Tennessee does with its roster, but you astir apt shouldn't see him until the mid-QB2 range.

Fantasy Running Back Busts

Saquon Barkley, Giants (RB8)

We each knew what the risks were with Barkley, who was 1 of the biggest risk-reward picks heading into preseason drafts. Everyone was afloat assured successful drafting Christian McCaffrey archetypal wide (oops), but determination was a ton of statement arsenic to whether Barkley should adjacent beryllium a first-round pick. Ultimately helium was taken with the 10th wide prime connected average, and obviously, his show has fallen good abbreviated of that spot.

Between games missed (4) and conscionable unproductive days, Barkley has been a nightmare of phantasy owners, and since helium was specified an aboriginal pick, helium astir apt negatively impacted teams much than anyone connected this list. To adhd insult to injury, his ADP was close astir the aforesaid spot arsenic Jonathan Taylor and Austin Ekeler, truthful chances are, 1 was available. It's a pugnacious pill to swallow, but possibly he'll beryllium amended adjacent year. Ironically, helium played successful much games than McCaffrey, Derrick Henry, and immoderate different cardinal RBs, truthful astatine slightest his durability was somewhat better. He finished arsenic the RB35.

At the extremity of the day, he'll autumn a circular oregon much successful drafts adjacent year, and those who similar to gamble volition astir apt instrumentality him erstwhile helium falls "too far." However, unless this violative enactment sees a large overhaul, we could spot akin results successful 2022. At immoderate point, you astir apt person to halt the freefall if your full league is fading him, though.

Mike Davis, Falcons (RB22)

Davis looked large arsenic the Panthers' pb backmost erstwhile Christian McCaffrey missed the 2nd fractional of the twelvemonth successful 2020, and erstwhile the Falcons signed him, it looked similar helium was acceptable to beryllium a pb backmost for Arthur Smith. When you looked astatine the RB extent chart, it was casual to deliberation Davis would beryllium a high-volume RB2 -- but past Cordarrelle Patterson showed up.

Patterson went undrafted successful each but precise heavy leagues, truthful helium was easy the champion value, and those who snagged him disconnected waivers were rewarded with an RB1 finish. For Davis, helium wasn't playable astir of the twelvemonth and lone produced a decent time erstwhile helium scored adjacent the extremity line. All successful all, helium was 1 of the biggest whiffs astatine ADP.

Davis volition beryllium a 28-year-old RB with lone 1 twelvemonth of coagulated accumulation connected his resume, truthful nary substance what squad helium plays for, don't get excited. Perhaps he'll person immoderate decent worth arsenic a handcuff if helium lands successful the close spot.

Honorable mention: Ronald Jones, Buccaneers (RB33); Zack Moss, Bills (RB36)

Jones and Moss were some successful the premix to astatine slightest get a decent workload this play -- oregon truthful we thought. Their ADPs were extracurricular the top-30 due to the fact that we knew they wouldn't beryllium workhorse backs, but we thought they could astatine slightest beryllium successful timeshares with Leonard Fournette and Devin Singletary, respectively. However, Fournette was a existent workhorse backmost and handled each the receiving enactment and red-zone enactment until his Week 15 injury. Meanwhile, nary of the Bills' RBs took complaint (at slightest until precocious successful the year), and Moss, who was a steadfast scratch respective times, was quiescent aft Week 3.

Jones is acceptable to go a escaped agent, truthful his worth volition beryllium connected his landing spot, portion Moss volition apt instrumentality to Buffalo. Unless thing drastically changes there, his prospects look reasonably dim.

Fantasy Wide Receiver Busts

Allen Robinson, Bears (WR11)

The offseason buzz for Robinson became stronger erstwhile Chicago selected Justin Fields. Even though we knew Andy Dalton would astir apt commencement to statesman the season, the phantasy assemblage arsenic a full thought, "If Robinson tin nutrient with Mitchell Trubisky, it can't get overmuch worse." That was precise wrong.

Robinson scored less than 5.2 phantasy points 4 times, less than 10 phantasy points 7 times, and ne'er eclipsed 10.8 points. It was a historically atrocious play for idiosyncratic drafted arsenic a WR1. He perfectly crushed phantasy rosters and astir apt enactment a ton of teams retired of playoff contention. The worst portion with players similar Robinson is phantasy owners support hanging connected to his past accumulation and hoping he'll yet person a large performance. By the clip you judge he's a bust, he's already mislaid you respective weeks. He finished arsenic the WR83 and was easy droppable successful each formats.

All that said, Robinson feels similar a feline who volition autumn mode excessively acold successful drafts. He's scheduled to beryllium a escaped agent, but adjacent if helium returns to Chicago, determination volition beryllium a caller caput manager successful place, and Fields volition person a accidental to amended heading into twelvemonth two. He's 1 of the apical guys to ticker due to the fact that you tin astir apt get him for ungraded inexpensive adjacent season, truthful if helium busts again, it won't wounded you similar it did this season.

Brandon Aiyuk, 49ers (WR23)

Aiyuk seemed poised to vie with Deebo Samuel arsenic the clear-cut No. 1 WR aft a blistery streak to extremity the 2020 season, truthful his ADP astatine the extremity of the WR23 scope felt reasonable. Trey Lance was expected to yet go the starter successful San Francisco, truthful that added to Aiyuk's upside, too.

However, helium opened Week 1 with a zero-target crippled successful which helium hardly played, and helium followed that up with performances of 1.6, 14.5, 2.5, 5.2, and 1.9 fantasy points. By this time, Aiyuk phantasy owners were dropping him arsenic accelerated arsenic they could and accepting him arsenic a bust. Unfortunately for those people, helium went connected to beryllium the WR14 successful PPR leagues from Weeks 8 to 16, but for the purposes of this list, helium was a bust. Those who drafted him apt ne'er got to spot him cookware out. Especially successful shallower leagues, you can't truly spend to person him taking up a roster spot, truthful his archetypal owners were near with immoderate wide receiver they picked up connected waivers.

Next year, Aiyuk could beryllium drafted successful a akin spot, and it really mightiness beryllium appropriate. He was intelligibly successful Kyle Shanahan's canine location and is present out. You can't truly interest astir that happening again due to the fact that it could hap to anyone, and his ceiling yet remains high.

Chase Claypool, Steelers (WR26)

We knew each the Steelers' WRs were risky heading into the twelvemonth tethered to Ben Roethlisberger, but Claypool's big-play upside arsenic the Steelers' X-receiver inactive made him an charismatic enactment astatine this spot successful drafts. It was a beauteous harmless presumption Diontae Johnson had the safest level successful PPR leagues, but again, Claypool's upside was his astir charismatic quality.

Big Ben has proven to beryllium adjacent worse than we thought, and helium simply couldn't propulsion the shot downfield. Claypool had a productive time present and there, but helium yet fell mode abbreviated of his preseason ADP and finished arsenic the WR41. It mightiness not beryllium wholly his responsibility that helium busted, but we person to see QB play and different factors erstwhile we marque our draught selections.

Claypool is simply a screaming worth adjacent twelvemonth if the Steelers tin adhd a backmost with deep-shot ability. However, helium won't beryllium a quiescent worth similar Robinson, truthful his ADP apt won't autumn dramatically if that's the case. If idiosyncratic similar Aaron Rodgers oregon Russell Wilson were to onshore successful Pittsburgh, we could spot Claypool's ADP successful the precocious WR2 range. That said, we'll person to hold and spot what happens there, but since helium plays successful Pittsburgh, it's pugnacious to deliberation he'll alert nether the radar.

Honorable Mention: Julio Jones, Titans (WR18); Kenny Golladay, Giants (WR30); Courtland Sutton, Broncos (WR34)

We each emotion the big, carnal X-receiver who thrives connected large plays, and each 3 of these guys provided coagulated accumulation astatine assorted points successful their careers. Ultimately, nary were restorable by season's end. Jones dealt with hamstring injuries each play long, but due to the fact that he's "Julio freaking Jones," it was tempting to proceed to commencement him implicit and over, conscionable to beryllium fto down. Golladay besides had a slew of injuries, but truthful did the different pass-catchers successful New York, truthful we thought the roar week could come. It ne'er did. Sutton came retired of the gates strong, but Teddy Bridgewater began to revert to his "dink-and-dunk" ways, and the apical 3 WRs for Denver became unplayable successful immoderate matchup.

We'll spot if Julio flashes immoderate of his erstwhile greatness successful the real-life playoffs, but for now, we tin see him washed. He played with and without A.J. Brown and was lone productive in 1 game, which came successful Week 2. Next year, it's hard to adjacent deliberation astir drafting him if helium doesn't retire.

However, Golladay and Sutton could go values depending connected however their QB situations play out. Golladay volition person a afloat offseason to retrieve (though he'll stay a changeless wounded risk), and the Giants discourtesy volition astatine slightest person a caller playcaller. We'll spot if they upgrade Daniel Jones, though. Sutton is astir surely going to get a caller QB, and he'll beryllium 2 years removed from his torn ACL. If his ADP becomes laughably low, he'll beryllium successful the territory with the Robby Andersons and Mecole Hardmans of the world, truthful you person to pursuit the upside. Like Claypool, he'll beryllium pugnacious to get if Wilson oregon Rodgers rolls into Denver, though.

Fantasy Tight End Busts

Jonnu Smith, Patriots (TE13)

Smith had immoderate momentum heading into this twelvemonth aft a bully show successful his last enactment successful Tennessee. He was labeled arsenic 1 of the apical sleeper TEs, though we knew sharing a relation with Hunter Henry could beryllium problematic.

Smith is easy the biggest discarded of a draught prime among choky ends, arsenic helium finished arsenic the TE33 and lone reached 10 phantasy points successful 1 contention (10.4). In fact, helium finished with much than 3 phantasy points successful conscionable implicit fractional of his games this play and averaged a whopping 4.5 PPR phantasy points/game. People mightiness beryllium speedy to accidental the QB alteration from Cam Newton to Mac Jones prevented Smith from thriving, but Henry has had nary issues uncovering the extremity zone. Ultimately, he's been utilized arsenic a blocker and inferior subordinate and was ne'er a startable option.

He'll find himself beside Henry again adjacent year, and it's apt New England volition upgrade astatine WR, too. His people contention volition beryllium stiffer, and arsenic things beryllium now, there's nary consciousness successful drafting him.

Honorable Mention: Noah Fant, Broncos (TE8); Tyler Higbee, Rams (TE12)

Fant was acceptable to interruption retired successful his 3rd year, and Higbee got a monolithic QB upgrade successful Matthew Stafford, truthful helium had a batch of hype heading into this season, too.

Ultimately, the Denver discourtesy was atrocious for each pass-catchers, and adjacent though Fant utilized a large Week 17 to decorativeness arsenic the TE9, helium fell beneath expectations and ne'er gave his owners a competitory vantage astatine choky end. 

There were excessively galore mouths to provender successful Los Angeles with Cooper Kupp, Robert Woods, Van Jefferson, and Odell Beckham Jr., truthful Higbee wasn't a focal constituent successful the Rams' discourtesy and fell beneath expectations.

Fant could spot a boost successful worth if Denver upgrades its QB, but Higbee volition apt beryllium a low-floor, medium-ceiling feline arsenic agelong arsenic helium remains successful 1 of the astir loaded offenses successful football. We don't ever urge reaching connected a middle-of-the-pack choky end, truthful you shouldn't beryllium banging the array successful the aboriginal rounds for these guys adjacent year, anyway.

Fantasy D/ST Busts

Washington Football Team (D/ST4)

Washington's defence was 1 of the champion stop-units successful the league successful 2020, and a squad loaded with endowment similar Chase Young, Montez Sweat, Kendall Fuller, and much surely couldn't fail. They besides drafted erstwhile Kentucky LB Jamin Davis successful the archetypal circular of the 2021 draft, which completed their defence astatine each 3 levels.

However, we present cognize it would crook retired to beryllium 1 of the worst defenses successful the full NFL, some successful presumption of phantasy and existent life. Injuries contributed to that, but since galore drafted it arsenic the No. 1 D/ST, this is astir apt 1 of the biggest busts successful caller memory. Washington finished arsenic the D/ST27 and wasn't startable successful astir matchups. It's ever a risky determination to beryllium 1 of the archetypal radical to draught defense, and ultimately, streaming astatine this spot is astir apt the champion strategy.

Honorable Mention: Baltimore Ravens (D/ST5)

Baltimore has ever been known for its elite defense, truthful naturally, its D/ST was the 5th taken disconnected the board. There aren't a ton of "sure things" successful the NFL and successful fantasy, but it seemed you could ever number connected Baltimore astatine this spot.

Right adjacent the commencement of the season, Marcus Peters tore his ACL, and that was conscionable the opening of a slew of injuries successful the secondary. Marlon Humphrey would yet suffer his play to a pectoral tear, and Jimmy Smith was successful and retired of the lineup with ankle and COVID complications. All successful all, the Ravens finished arsenic the D/ST25.

We anticipation Baltimore's defence volition beryllium backmost adjacent year, but we can't beryllium truthful sure, and it's not astute to conscionable presume that and instrumentality it arsenic 1 of the archetypal D/STs successful adjacent year's draft.

Fantasy All-Injury Team

Player ADP (PPR) Games Played
Jameis Winston, Saints QB22 7
Christian McCaffrey, Panthers RB1 7
Derrick Henry, Titans RB4 8
DeAndre Hopkins, Cardinals* WR4 10
Robert Woods, Rams WR14 9
Michael Thomas, Saints WR32 0
Logan Thomas, Washington TE7 5

*Left respective games early.

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