Garrett Hedlund Allegedly Tried to Jump Out of Car Before Arrest

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GARRETT HEDLUND Tried to Jump Out of Car?!? Before Public Intoxication Arrest

1/24/2022 10:25 AM PT

Garrett Hedlund is accused of some pretty troubling behavior before being arrested for public intoxication, and some -- including police -- believe he's a danger to himself and others.

According to new legal docs, obtained by TMZ, the man who called police on Garrett leading up to his Saturday night arrest also told cops the actor tried jumping out of a car earlier in the day.

In the docs, police say the man also told them Garrett had kicked him and swung on him ... although cops note the man did not want to press criminal charges.

TMZ broke the story ... Garrett was arrested for public intoxication late Saturday in Tennessee and eventually released from custody on a $2,100 bond.

In the docs, police say they got a call around 10:30 PM for a disturbance ... with a man claiming Garrett was banging on the rear door of a building.

Cops say Garrett appeared to be intoxicated and reeked of booze, slurred his speech and didn't follow the officers' commands.

Police say Garrett told them he was trying to get some stuff back that he left inside the building. In the docs, cops say their investigation led them to believe Garrett was in fact intoxicated and a danger to himself and others, placing him under arrest for public intoxication and even stating in the report that he had caused "unreasonable annoyance."

Things are looking down for Garrett ... he recently broke up with Emma Roberts, with whom he has one child, and he's also being sued for a car crash he allegedly caused before his January 2020 DUI arrest.

Remember ... Garrett's still on probation after pleading no contest to the DUI charge ... which means this latest arrest may cause him some legal headaches.

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