Giovanni Reyna could play at Real Madrid, says ex-USMNT star Brad Friedel

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Gio Reyna “can beryllium immoderate helium wants to be”, according to former United States planetary Brad Friedel, who feels the Borussia Dortmund playmaker would not look retired of spot astatine Real Madrid oregon a Premier League heavyweight if a aboriginal transportation were to materialize.

For now, the highly-rated 18-year-old is precise overmuch focused connected the contiguous and coming backmost from a latest injury. He'll privation to beryllium acceptable again for the 2nd fractional of Borussia Dortmund's Bundesliga play and the U.S. nationalist team's propulsion to suffice for the 2022 World Cup successful Qatar.

It is, however, expected that determination volition travel a clip erstwhile his adjacent vocation determination volition need to beryllium made, with Reyna’s evident imaginable already being noted by starring sides crossed Europe.

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In an interrogation with GOAL, the ex-U.S. goalkeeper Friedel said that the biggest question with Reyna volition beryllium avoiding injury: “He needs to enactment acceptable also. He has had immoderate issues. But helium has done remarkably well. Basically from the archetypal infinitesimal that helium went implicit [to Germany] helium has done good and gone from spot to strength.”

Could Reyna 1 time travel successful the footsteps of his dada and play successful England? Friedel thinks so: “He could play successful the Premier League. When you travel implicit to the Premier League, determination is simply a learning curve due to the fact that of the physicality of it. Could helium get utilized to it, accommodate and thrive? Absolutely.

“He tin graft and bash the antiaircraft work, bash the pressing, if that is what the strategy of play calls for. He has the tools to beryllium each of that.

Could Gio Reyna extremity up astatine Real Madrid?

Friedel envisions the apical clubs astir the satellite being the adjacent destination for the young American star.

“He is utilized to a large club, truthful that won’t beryllium an contented if helium were to go," Friedel said. “I ideate that if helium were to ever permission Dortmund, helium would spell to different precise large club. That volition conscionable look mean to him and won’t beryllium daunting.”

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Along with the inevitable links to ambitious sides successful the Premier League, Reyna has besides sparked speech of involvement from La Liga giants Real Madrid.

It has been suggested that helium could beryllium targeted by the Blancos arsenic a semipermanent successor to Luka Modric, a subordinate alongside whom Friedel erstwhile played astatine Tottenham.

He said of that large billing: “They are different. Gio would request to play a batch much games to power the tempo of a crippled similar Luka Modric.

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“They are antithetic players. Luka is 1 of the peculiar midfielders that tin play the No. 6, No. 8 oregon No. 10. He tin power a full crippled with his passing — velocity it up, dilatory it down and it doesn’t adjacent look similar he’s running. That is thing not taught, not coached, it’s conscionable successful his footballing brain.

“There are galore much games that Gio volition request to play successful bid to beryllium there, but could helium play astatine 1 of the large clubs? Could helium play astatine Real Madrid 1 day? Yes. I deliberation helium has that quality.”

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