Hutier takes helm at cable operator BW Digital

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Hutier takes helm at cable operator BW Digital

Ludovic Hutier, BW Digital

The owner of the Hawaiki and Hawaiki Nui subsea data cables, BW Digital in SIngapore, has appointed Ludovic Hutier as its new chief executive officer.

Hutier held the role of executive director and chief operating officer of Hawaiki Cable in Auckland prior to his appointment by BW Digital.

He is a long time associate of Hawaiki Cable founder Rémi Galasso, who will leave BW Digital.

BW Digital bought Hawaiki Cable last year for an undisclosed sum.

The company announced plans in 2021 to lay the Hawaiki Nui cable which is to span 22,000 kilometres and have 240 terabits per second capacity.

Hawaiki Nui is expected to connect South East Asian countries, Australia, New Zealand and the United States.

In New Zealand, Hawaiki Nui is intended to land in Invercargill where the Datagrid hyperscale facility is planned to be built.

Galasso will also step down from the position as executive chairman of Datagrid.

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