I Miss Being A Bachelor – D’banj

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Popular Nigerian singer, Dapo Oyebanjo also known as Dbanj has spoken about his experience so far in marriage.

The singer shared his thoughts after he was unveiled as a judge in the music reality show, Nigerian Idol.

He said that he is happy about being married because he was able to grow with his wife but there are certain times he misses being a bachelor.

According to him:: “It is very important for me when I say that I am so happy I got married for the right reason. There are reasons people do certain things and if one does it for the wrong reason, it would affect one. I got to a stage in my life when I needed to grow an empire and in order for one to do that, one has to be stable and have a best friend as a partner. One also has to be true to oneself. I pray to God a lot and the Bible says, ‘He who finds a wife, finds a good thing’. I got married to my best friend, who knows and understands everything about me.

“Because of that, we could grow together. Yes, once in a while, one misses those days (of being a bachelor). But, I am happy because that is the difference between Dapo Oyebanjo and Dbanj, the Koko Master. Whenever I get on stage anywhere, I become the Koko Master. It (marriage) has not reduced the amount of kokolets (ladies) that flock around me and rush to the stage. However, one has to be committed to one person and that is what life is.

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