I Will Never Forgive Dapo Abiodun – Mother Of Impeached Ogun Deputy Speaker Vows

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The mother of the impeached Deputy Speaker of the Ogun State House of Assembly, Alhaja Adetola Kadiri, has vowed never to associate herself again with Governor Dapo Abiodun.

Naija News recalls that Honourable Dare Kadiri was in March 2021 impeached from office over an accusation of gross misconduct.

The lawmaker who represented Ijebu North State Constituency 11 was impeached during plenary after the committee set up by the House Speaker, Honourable Olakunle Oluomo to investigate him submitted its report.

Barely a year after the development, Kadiri’s mother said her son’s impeachment was illegal and that she will never forgive the incumbent governor for everything that had happened to her son and herself.

Naija News understands that Alhaja Kadiri was recently served a suspension letter by a faction within the APC in Ijebu Ward 9.

The former APC Women Leader said she was disappointed by Gov Abiodun, for whom she said a lot was sacrificed to ensure his victory in 2019.

She lamented the treatment being meted out to her and her son, saying that Abiodun had used her and her son to get into power and is now giving them an unfair treatment.

According to her, no governor would close his eyes and watch the crisis in the House of Assembly fester to the level that the Deputy Speaker would be impeached.

Naija News understands that Mrs Kadiri fumed over Governor Abiodun and his administration while granting an interview to Daily Post yesterday.

She said: “When Dare was impeached, I believed that it was from God. I spoke with the SSG (Secretary to the State Government, Tokunbo Talabi), he told me that he didn’t know anything about the impeachment. I told him that, ‘if you know about it and act like you’re clever, it only means God made it possible, and you will suffer for it.’ Anybody involved in victimising my son will definitely suffer for it.

“Because, when Dapo Abiodun declared to contest, he called me; I was with Amosun then, he begged me to come work for him. The day he called me, four of us went there. I told Dare before I went there and he gave me the go-ahead.

“When I came back, I told him everything Dapo Abiodun said. Dare was the one begging me to work with Abiodun. Whenever I want to leave Ago Iwoye, Dapo would tell me that he had been calling Dare to come over to his place but he wasn’t picking, that I should tell him to come over. I will be the one to go and wake him up in his house that the ‘governor’ had been calling him to come. There was a day I was called that Dare’s number was unreachable at 12 midnight, I had to go to his house that midnight to wake him up. He went out that same night to go and see Dapo.

“I remember my son had a narrow escape on the day of Dapo Abiodun’s primary election in 2018. Some people wanted to kill him. They were saying ‘Dare should be killed before his mum comes back’, that ‘once his mum comes around, you can’t kill him again because his mother is a witch.’

“My son was at the police station from 11am till 6pm. We neither ate nor drank anything that day, all because of this governor.”

Mrs Kadiri without withholding any word, disclosed how her family contributed Governor Abiodun’s governorship campaign in 2018.

“I can never forgive Dapo Abiodun, because I never expected what he did to my son. Although, he has apologized already, I won’t work with him again. I wish you were around as at that time, without Dare, APC wouldn’t have won Ifelodun. Let them come again for the second term, that is when they will know what politics is all about.

“All of us that were behind Dapo Abiodun, what did we gain. I pleaded and begged before I was given a councillorship ticket in the last LG election. Today, most of those that surround this government from Ijebu North are PDP members. Those that are disturbing us here in Ijebu North are all from PDP, no single APC member among them. The SSG is the one romancing them.

“In 2018, when Dapo wanted to start his campaign, Dare bought me a Sienna vehicle for the campaign. A week before the election, the likes of Nuberu and Olufodun went to meet Dapo and he gave them a new Sienna vehicle with money. He never bought me a car, it was my son who bought it for me so I can use it for Dapo Abiodun’s campaign. I followed him to all the length and breadth of Ogun. The vehicle got spoilt, Dapo didn’t see me. You can’t see him. If you call him, he won’t pick; message him, he won’t reply.

“I’m no longer interested in doing anything with Dapo. I’m still in APC, I don’t have anywhere to go, but I won’t work with him again. Dare can stick with Dapo; he has been calling him his brother. But, I, Adetola Kadiri, I’m no longer with Dapo Abiodun,” she declared.

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