Jimmy Kimmel Remembers Bob Saget In Tearful Tribute

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Jimmy Kimmel Tearful, Emotional Tribute to Bob Saget

1/11/2022 6:44 AM PT


Jimmy Kimmel remembered Bob Saget Monday night ... in an emotional monologue that left him in tears.

Jimmy broke down as he reminisced about Bob ... describing his friend as "the sweetest man" as he gave us a glimpse into his character ... “He always had a compliment. He’d write sometimes just to tell me he loved me and I know he did that for many people … He had something funny to say about everything and nothing bad to say about anyone."

He read one of Bob's emails, reflecting on their families and kids ... "One night soon let’s go out and have some meat and some good damn drinks and talk about how lucky we are that we have them."

Saget was 65 when he died in his hotel room Sunday in Orlando. As we reported, although the cause of death will not be known for several months, investigators say there is evidence Bob might have died from a heart attack or stroke.

Saget's death has rocked Hollywood and beyond, but Kimmel summed it up well ... “He was very kind to everyone and he had no problem telling you that he loved you and what you meant to him."

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