JoJo Siwa Calls 5-Year-Old Fan Before Cancer Surgery, Following Sudden Diagnosis

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JoJo Siwa Calls 5-Year-Old Cancer Patient ... Right Before Surgery

1/8/2022 12:50 AM PT

Jason Bergenfeld

JoJo Siwa chatted with a 5-year-old crab diligent earlier country ... telling her everything would enactment retired and she would footwear cancer's butt.

As you spot successful the speech betwixt JoJo and Blakely Bergenfeld ... JoJo's a pro astatine putting her young fans astatine easiness ... patiently answering the small girl's questions.

Blakely's parents, Jason and Kimberly Bergenfeld, archer TMZ ... the crab diagnosis was sudden, aft the small miss began experiencing headaches and fevers during a caller household skis trip.

We're told Blakely's parents took her to a pediatrician erstwhile they got backmost to L.A., and the doc noticed her liver was swollen and rushed her to the ER astatine L.A. Children's Hospital.

Blakely's dada says his girl underwent a bid of tests, and that's erstwhile doctors discovered crab successful her kidney. She underwent country to region a elephantine tumor connected her kidney Friday.

We are told the country went adjacent amended than planned. She had to person her kidney removed due to the fact that it was adjacent to rupturing and would person been terminal if they had not treated it successful time. The doctors besides recovered tumors connected her liver and lungs, which were removed. The doctors volition cognize successful the adjacent fewer days precisely what signifier and benignant of crab she has, but she is unchangeable and past the archetypal measurement connected her roadworthy to recovery.

It's been a whirlwind fewer days ... we're told Blakely had appeared wholly steadfast earlier she started feeling ill.

JoJo got progressive aft learning of Blakely's diagnosis done 'Dance Moms' prima Kira Girard and her husband, who are adjacent friends with the Bergenfelds.

Blakely is simply a immense JoJo instrumentality and was expected to conscionable her astatine the Nickelodeon awards past March earlier it was canceled owed to COVID.

We're told JoJo wanted to personally scope retired to Blakely earlier she went nether the weapon ... adjacent offering to assistance the household screen aesculapian expenses.

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