Jon Hamm Stars in Hilarious New Apple TV+ Ad Where He Has FOMO

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Jon Hamm Why's Everyone Famous On 🍎 TV+??? ... Hilarious FOMO NFL Ad

1/22/2022 5:20 PM PT

Jon Hamm doesn't like to be left out, especially if Hollywood's boarding the Apple train without him ... which he made perfectly clear in an ad that would make Don Draper blush.

The smooth-talking actor is featured in a new campaign from Apple TV+ that made its debut this weekend during primetime NFL playoff coverage -- and the consensus seems to be ... damn, that was a good spot. Even more illuminating ... JH is pretty freaking funny!!!

— Apple TV+ (@AppleTVPlus) January 21, 2022 @AppleTVPlus

Check it out ... the commercial shows Jon hanging out at home on the couch and surfing through Apple TV+'s many offerings -- with Jon scoffing at the fact that there's all these celebs plastered on the screen, but no sign of him anywhere.

He then asks the camera ... "Hey, Apple -- did I do something to offend you?" He goes on to pitch himself as someone worthy of a show or movie, like all his famous pals seem to have these days, and even makes a fake phone call to Tom Hanks ... which is hilarious.

.@tomhanks got the final say on who would play his dog, Goodyear. He took one look at Seamus and said “that’s the dog that is gonna break the world’s heart.” #Finch

— Apple TV+ (@AppleTVPlus) January 21, 2022 @AppleTVPlus

Apple hits the point home ... they've got all the stars on their roster -- except one, that is. Of course, by hiring him for the ad, they nabbed their man in the end after all. Clever, clever.

Like we said, the commercial's a big hit and even went viral Saturday ... with many saying it was Super Bowl worthy, even though the game is still weeks away. And as for Jon's comedic chops -- well, that sorta took people aback as well ... since he's a big drama (genre) guy.

Of course, if you watch 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' ... you know what's up.

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