Julius Randle's thumbs down to Knicks fans a futile gesture

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Julius Randle isn't playing similar an MVP campaigner oregon adjacent an All-Star this season. Knicks fans, a savvy batch that they are, admit that.

They besides tin recognize when their team is getting drilled, arsenic the Knicks were by the Celtics connected Thursday nighttime astatine Madison Square Garden. The locals gave Randle and everyone other connected the tribunal wearing a location azygous an earful successful the 2nd half.

Randle wasn't thrilled astir that.

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That explains wherefore helium went afloat Met during the Knicks' thrilling fourth-quarter comeback. The seasoned guardant dipped into the Javier Baez-Francisco Lindor playbook and flashed a thumbs-down motion aft cutting New York's shortage to 4 points with a bucket. The Knicks won 108-105 aft trailing by arsenic galore arsenic 25 in the game. Randle finished with 22 points.

He had a profane effect erstwhile New York Daily News newsman Stefan Bondy asked what was up (down?) with the manus gesture:

"Shut the f— up," Randle replied. That was said toward the fans and not, arsenic immoderate connected Twitter hoped, astir Bondy.

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Randle and the Knicks person earned boos with their play astatine times. The guardant is inactive the team's starring scorer and rebounder, but his accumulation is down:

Category '21-22 '20-21
MPG 35.5 37.6
FG% .422 .456
3PT% .324 .411
FT% .764 .811
RPG 10.1 10.2
APG 4.9 6.0
PPG 19.6 24.1

And his play on-off splits anterior to Thursday were not favorable:

Rating On Off
ORtg 107.0 116.4
DRtg 112.1 106.0

New York is 19-20 and successful 10th spot successful the Eastern Conference done Thursday. It's a afloat crippled up connected the Celtics for the last spot successful the play-in tournament.

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The good quality for the squad is the halfway of the roster that produced a 41-31 grounds and a No. 4 playoff effect a twelvemonth agone is inactive around, though Derrick Rose is retired agelong word with an ankle injury. The atrocious quality is one of its leaders took clip during a crippled to nonstop a connection to fans aft saying a time earlier helium doesn't "give a f— what anybody has to say."

Randle should person maintained that stance erstwhile things got unsmooth Thursday. Rule of thumb: Fans aren't going to beryllium excessively bully astir it erstwhile they archer you that you're underperforming.

UPDATE: Randle said Friday connected Instagram he "should person handled things past nighttime otherwise and expressed myself with much professionalism and much due connection successful the vigor of the moment."

"My remark was an illustration of however sometimes you accidental things you regret to radical you love, adjacent if it came from a spot of passionateness and heavy love," Randle wrote.


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