Kanye West Lectures Paparazzi About Milking His Image, Leaves Miami

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Kanye West Lectures Pap in Miami ... Gimme a Cut from This Video, Bro!!!

1/22/2022 4:38 PM PT


Kanye West doesn't wanna argue with paparazzi anymore -- he just wants to share the wealth ... especially if they're planning on filming him in public.

Ye had a bit of a tense convo Saturday while leaving Miami after chillin' with DJ Khaled and friends -- coming face to face with a pap at the airport who tried asking him a few simple questions. Right off the bat, KW tells him he's not in the mood to be photographed.

The pap plays it cool and calm, and eventually ... Kanye tells him how he really feels about the fact that they guy's making money off the interview. And that feeling is ... fine, but let me get in on it too!!!


Check out Kanye's rationale here -- he basically says he thinks he should be able to control how his image is used, including MOTS run-ins like this. He notes that's not how the law works -- which is correct -- but insists ... he's gonna work to turn that around for celebs.

In the end, Kanye and the paps following him actually end on good terms -- with Ye meeting up GF Julia Fox ... and them going through a bit of logistical juggling on how the heck they were gonna get out of there (who's got Ye's ticket???).


Pretty interesting insight from Ye -- especially since he alludes to his alleged not-so-nice face-off with an autograph hound in L.A. -- and it's good to see he's found a more constructive way to deal with the media.

Like they say, cooler heads always prevail.

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