Kat Von D Selling Her 'Cheaper By the Dozen' Home for $15 Million

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Kat Von D 'Cheaper By Dozen' Home for Sale ... $15 Mil Cheap Enough???

1/25/2022 12:40 AM PT

Kat Von D is saying goodbye to all things California -- she just listed her L.A. mansion, which also happens to be a famous movie location ... TMZ has learned.

Long before Kat moved in, the huge home was featured in the 2003 movie "Cheaper By the Dozen" -- but take a look around this pad ... ain't a damn thing cheap about it!!!

The 3-story, gorgeous crib is 12,565 sq feet with 13 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms.

Kat paid $6.5 million for it back in 2016 ... and she's put some work and money into the place since then.

We're told she completely restored the Victorian home which some unique features, like a library, hidden bar with hand-carved walls and 7 fireplaces!!!

You know you're living right when your living room has a title -- Kat's is called the 'French Ballroom' -- and one more bonus is the 2-bed, 1-bath carriage house over the garage.

It also has some more commonly seen luxuries ... like a pool and spa.

Jamie Sher of The Sher Group holds the listing.

Kat selling shouldn't come as a surprise -- back in October, she announced she was leaving Cali for good and putting down roots in Indiana.

As you can see, she's leaving behind a huge home in SoCal, but we're betting she'll have a pretty sweet pad in Indiana too, where she'll get way more bang for her buck.

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