Kiwi media-focused ISV snapped up by Autodesk

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Moxion, a Kiwi provider of a SaaS solution for the entertainment industry, has been acquired by software giant Autodesk.

Founded in 2015, Moxion offers a cloud-based platform that is used to facilitate the on-set or remote reviewing of ‘dailies’ (raw footage) from a film shoot for producers, directors and other relevant parties. 

This allows decisions to be made and implemented quickly during principal photography.

The acquisition will complement Autodesk’s current portfolio of entertainment industry-focused software, “moving beyond post-production into production,” a statement from Autodesk said.

Autodesk’s current suite of film and TV products are focused on creating and rendering graphic effects and 3D animation.

In a joint statement, Moxion co-founders Hugh Calveley (CEO) and Michael Lonsdale (chief design officer), who both have histories in Aotearoa’s film and TV industry, said that they will remain as leaders of the organisation. 

“What does change is that now we can combine the talents of our brilliant Moxion team with the deep resources and wealth of engineering talent at Autodesk,” the statement said. 

The pair added that they see the acquisition as an opportunity to make many improvements to their product.

“While this acquisition is a logical blending of two complementary businesses, it is also a tribute to the creativity, ingenuity and expertise of New Zealand’s tech community - and another feather in the cap of the talent we have in this country,” they said.

In sum, we have more movies and television to help make and a rapidly evolving industry to help shape. And through this exciting new shared vision with Autodesk, to find even more innovative ways to help filmmakers everywhere tell better stories, faster.

“As the content demand continues to boom with pressure on creators to do more for less, this acquisition helps us facilitate broader collaboration and communication, and drive greater efficiencies in the production process, saving time and money,” said Moxion media and entertainment senior vice president Diana Colella. 

Moxion has won a raft of entertainment industry awards including an Engineering Excellence Award from the Hollywood Professional Association, a Workflow Systems Medal from the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers, and a Lumiere Award from the Advanced Imaging Society.

CRN NZ is set to launch in the coming weeks. Contact NZ bureau chief Ben Moore for more information. 

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