Latto's Manager Cortez Bryant Considers Selling Panties On Tour After eBay Shut Down

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Latto's Manager Panty Sale Fail No Biggie ... Maybe We'll Drop Some on Tour!!!

2/2/2023 8:25 AM PT

Latto's skivvy side hustle got derailed by eBay, but all hope is not lost ... her manager Cortez Bryant is considering -- perhaps jokingly -- a very unique merch idea.

We caught up with Tez at LAX, and he says Latto and the rest of the team were taken aback, just like everyone else, when bids for her used cheetah print panties nearly reached $100K!!!

Nah Latto’s panties goin for almost 100k💀

— Hoodville (@Hoodville_) January 31, 2023 @Hoodville_

The bidding war got hot with more than 100 entries, but before Latto could cash in, eBay shut down the auction.

Instagram / @latto777

TMZ Hip Hop broke the story ... Latto's underwear auction violated the company's "health and hygiene" standards and Tez doesn't disagree they made right the decision -- but he doesn't seem opposed to our idea of making additions to the "Big Energy" rapper's merch store!!!

Immediately after eBay's takedown, Latto got back to work in the studio to finish her newest record ... which Tez tells us is officially named "Lottery" and is dropping soon.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Tez says Latto made the eBay post in jest to fire back at the trolls but also isn't passing judgment on the highest bidder of her used bloomers!!!

Everyone has a kink ... even if it's unsanitary.

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