Madonna's Daughter Lourdes Leon Denied Entry to Marc Jacobs Runway Show

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Lourdes Leon Sorry Kiddo ... Madonna's Daughter Denied at Fashion Show

2/3/2023 7:06 AM PT

There's plenty of perks to being Madonna's daughter -- but apparently, even those perks have their limits -- like automatic entry into fashion shows.

Lourdes Leon and a friend thought they'd be able to stroll right into the Marc Jacobs Runway show Thursday night without issue ... but that wasn't the case. Check out the video, paps swarm Lourdes on her way into the Park Avenue Armory.

The two try to walk past security, but the guards aren't havin' it ... blocking the entry and refusing to let them inside.

At one point, even the paparazzi chant "Let her in!" as Lourdes and her friend crack up, but the security guards don't crack.

Finally, after a few phone calls, Lourdes and her friend give up -- getting back into their waiting SUV and leaving. Unclear where they were headed, but hopefully they had a reservation.

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