Man Arrested After Racist Tirade, Attack at Connecticut Smoothie Store

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Robeks Smoothie Store CT Man Arrested After Racist Tirade Chucked Drink at Workers

1/23/2022 12:09 PM PT

@cjjbreezy / TikTok

A Connecticut man got thrown into jail after he lost it at a smoothie store -- where he was recorded going on a racist tirade against the employees ... not to mention getting physical.

48-year-old James Iannazzo was arrested Saturday in Fairfield, CT and got booked on charges of intimidation based on bias, breach of peace and criminal trespass ... this according to local reports.

Iannazzo is said to have purchased a smoothie from a Robeks, only to return 30 minutes later in a rage after claiming his kid had an allergic reaction due to someone putting peanuts in their drink ... and the guy wanted to know which of the workers was responsible.

@cjjbreezy / TikTok

Part of the interaction was captured on camera. The one employee initially dealing with him says she's not sure how it happened, and then Iannazzo starts to accuse the other workers in the back. As the girl walks away, he throws his drink at them from behind the counter.

A second employee gets in his face (from a distance) and tells him to scram, and that they're calling the police. That's when he calls her an "immigrant," and continues to insult them.

Iannazzo also appears to try and breach the employee-only entrance, and the workers scramble to block the door to prevent him from coming in -- this while he demands to speak to a manager and continues yelling. It's scary ... and in the end, he was busted.

Word is, this guy was a financial advisor for a local Merrill Lynch branch -- and as soon as he was ID'd, the company canned him ... saying they don't tolerate that type of behavior.

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