Marsai Martin Says Michelle Obama's 'Like an Auntie' After 'Black-ish' Cameo

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Marsai Martin Michelle Obama's Like My Auntie After 'Black-ish' Cameo

1/13/2022 2:54 PM PT

It's a damn shame "Black-ish" is ending, because it sounds like Michelle Obama could have a permanent role on the hit show ... if you ask Marsai Martin, anyway.

The 17-year-old actress/director/entrepreneur and, as it turns out, interior designer ... was beaming about getting to work with the former First Lady on the episode which aired last week. Thursday on "TMZ Live" she told us it had long been a dream of hers, and other cast members, to get Michelle on set.

It's been said meeting your heroes can be disappointing, but Marsai says getting camera time with MO in the final season of "Black-ish" was a "surreal" dream come true.

Ya gotta see the joy on her face as she describes the experience, but we think she summed it up perfectly when she said it "felt like [Michelle] was an auntie" by the time they finished shooting the episode.

Btw, the show's got more big names lined up for its final episodes ... including Simone Biles, Magic Johnson and Babyface.

Mrs. Obama is the perfect dinner guest… she can come to my house anytime… there are waaaay less people at my real house 😂#Blackish

— Marsai Martin (@marsaimartin) January 5, 2022 @marsaimartin

Fans have watched Marsai grow up on camera -- she started her role as "Diane" when she was only 9 -- and now she's got real pull in Hollywood ... enough to launch her own reality show.

It's called "Remix My Space with Marsai Martin" and it taps into her passion for design ... as we mentioned earlier.

On the show, she picks teenagers who've made an impact in their communities, and surprises them with personalized, stylish full bedroom makeovers. It's debuting Saturday on Discovery+.

Oh, and check her out on the full episode of Thursday's "TMZ Live," because Marsai helped us settle a longstanding debate in our office between Harvey ... and everyone else.

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