Meat Loaf Cameos At Anti-Mandate Protest in D.C., Thousands Attend

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Meat Loaf Cameos at D.C. Anti-Mandate Protest ... Thousands Pour In

1/23/2022 10:38 AM PT

Demonstrators have descended upon Washington D.C. to protest against COVID mandates -- and, ironically, they’re blasting music from someone who just succumbed to the virus.

Thousands of people flooded into the National Mall Sunday and gathered at the base of both the Washington Monument and even more packed in front of the Lincoln Memorial ... and wouldn’t you know it, they were playing a Meat Loaf song to get themselves fired up.

Right now: At Lincoln Memorial, thousands have arrived for anti-vax-mandate protest. Some still walking past Capitol reflecting pool to get here.

— Ford Fischer (@FordFischer) January 23, 2022 @FordFischer

The tune blaring over the speakers was ML’s “I’d Do Anything for Love” -- which we suppose is sorta in theme with what the anti-mandate crowd was there for. Song’s all about how one guy would do a lot for a woman he loves, but has a line he won’t cross ... which, presumably, applies to their attitudes toward federal and local policies?

Of course, Meat Loaf himself was against mandates -- having been outspoken about Australia’s lockdowns through much of the pandemic. Sadly enough, Meat Loaf literally just died last week after contracting coronavirus. It’s unclear if he was vaccinated or not.

The protests in D.C. today are expected to draw tens of thousands ... this not too long after the annual March for Life rally this weekend. So far, they're talking freedom, MLK, the constitution ... and a lot of other things they believe align with their vision of the country.

It appears to be peaceful thus far -- and there aren't many counter-protesters either ... which might mean these folks will have the day and space to themselves to push their message.

Thousands packed in front of the Lincoln Memorial, as speakers for today’s rally against vaccine mandates take the stage

— Brendan Gutenschwager (@BGOnTheScene) January 23, 2022 @BGOnTheScene

Busy times in our nation’s capital. Stay tuned ...

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