Meat Loaf Honored with Meatloaf Pizza by Celebrity-Run Restaurant

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Meat Loaf Famous Celeb-Owned Pizza Joint Honors Singer ... Get Your Meatloaf Slices Here!!!

1/21/2022 4:18 PM PT

Meat Loaf deserves a heap of honors, so a very famous pizza joint is heaping a ton of meatloaf on its pies to celebrate the singer/actor's life.

Mulberry Pizza in Bev Hills -- owned by Richie Palmer (ex-hubby of Raquel Welch) -- is making a special pizza Monday to honor Meat Loaf.

Richie is a huge Meat Loaf fan -- his jam is "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" -- and he tells us it's the least he can do.

The pie looks delish -- it's got meatloaf, of course, basil, cheese and some spices.

Richie put a sign outside one of his Bev Hills locations that says, "Monday in honor of Meat Loaf, meatloaf pizza slice! RIP."

If you're in the neighborhood, a slice will set you back $5.75. Or, if you dare get a full pie, $29.95. In defense of Richie, it's some of the best pizza in all of L.A.

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