New Anne Heche Video Shows Speeding on Another Street, Witness Claims

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Anne Heche Crash New Video Shows Her Speeding ... On Yet Another Street

8/6/2022 10:38 AM PT

Anne Heche's crash into an L.A. home this week was likely just a disaster waiting to happen -- because she was allegedly speeding down other residential streets not too long before.

TMZ has obtained video of what we're told shows Heche flying down a quiet back road nestled into a neighborhood in the Venice Beach area Friday ... with her same blue Mini Cooper, going at just about the same dangerous speeds that landed her in the hospital.

The person who shot this tells us this moment captured here -- where Anne is zooming past at an unrecognizable velocity -- was actually the third time she'd circled back on this very same street (Cabrillo Avenue). Apparently, she was going up and down and back and forth ... driving wildly in each instance, so says the eyewitness who claims to have seen it all.

Anne Heche Severely Burned In Fiery Car Crash, New Video Shows Her Speeding

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Anne Heche Severely Burned In Fiery Car Crash, New Video Shows Her Speeding

We're told that on the second go-around on Cabrillo -- which isn't very far from where Anne ended up crashing in Mar Vista -- AH actually had people screaming at her to slow down.

Although she was driving incredibly fast, we slowed down our new clip and you can see Anne leaning forward and gripping the wheel -- looking flustered. It's not very different a sentiment communicated from her body language in the clear photo snapped of her earlier that day as well ... where you could see a bottle of some sort in the front with her.

It's unclear what Anne's condition is at this point after the crash -- which left her with severe burns -- but we do know cops were hesitant to do any tests on her at first, as she was clearly in no condition to undergo BAC checks and anything else they might want to administer.

Still, this new video simply confirms what we'd already reported -- that Anne was seen driving erratically in other surrounding neighborhoods that same day ... all at scary speeds.

As for how this Cabrillo Ave. incident ended ... our sources tell us disappeared around a corner on her third time up the street -- and never came back. The video was captured at 10:45 AM ... about an hour or so later, she'd smash into a random person's house.

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As we reported, Heche crashed into a garage of an apartment complex just after noon in the Mar Vista area of Los Angeles. A fire erupted that engulfed her car, leaving her in critical condition with severe burns.

Anne's accident comes on the heels of another insane wreck in L.A. -- this one off La Brea -- where a car ran a red light and smashed into other drivers ... reportedly killing at least 6.

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