NFL DFS Picks Week 18: Best sleepers, value players for DraftKings, FanDuel daily fantasy football lineups

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Happy 2022, everyone! For many, the New Year presents a blank slate. We tin redefine ourselves by making resolutions to beryllium better, oregon bash better, oregon triumph bigger. I embarked upon past play with galore abbreviated and semipermanent goals successful mind, and looked guardant to a midnight sparkling cider toast with my beauteous wife, who’s astir 8 months pregnant. Topping my database of resolutions: being much active, moving retired more, bringing successful much money, and enjoying much clip with my family. But past COVID rudely arrived astatine my location similar an anvil falling from the sky. Those resolutions each got thrown onto the backburner. And beingness arsenic I cognize it came to a screeching halt. 

I was sick Saturday greeting (Happy New Year, sucker!). What I primitively thought was allergies oregon a caput acold Thursday day turned into flu-like symptoms 30 hours later. A location trial revealed a pinkish enactment and a bluish line—I was COVID-positive. First step: Call retired of my time job. Second step: Isolate from my toddler and large wife. Third step: Try not to get tally implicit by this thing. The 3rd measurement proved the astir difficult. This microorganism is nary joke!

By Sunday morning, we were experiencing our worst nightmare. My girl Ellie went to the infirmary for the archetypal clip since she was born. She woke up shaking with a 102 degrees fever, and threw up. My woman was understandably freaked, and she called 911. They took an ambulance to Hasbro Children’s Hospital successful Providence, RI. I was stuck successful isolation, trying to calm down my two-year aged girl via Facetime, arsenic she’s strapped to an exigency carseat connected an ambulance gurney astatine 3:00 a.m. With the play ER waiting country bustling with 10 families aft the New Years’ surge, my girls waited for hours conscionable to beryllium seen.

Thanks to immoderate and each higher powerfulness successful beingness -- and my astonishing wife, and Hasbro (great hospital) -- my girl is okay. She got discharged astatine 9 a.m. erstwhile they got her fever down. They said the Omicron wasn’t concentrated successful her lungs, a large crushed it hasn’t been arsenic deadly a variant arsenic Delta. Five days later, Ellie’s already backmost to her spunky self, moving astir screaming for CocoMelon (although a spot raspier than usual). All said, she’s fared overmuch amended than maine -- kids are truthful resilient! And my wife, somehow, has tested antagonistic 3 times. I conjecture the vaccine did its occupation for the astir important radical successful our location -- Mama Bear and our babe carnivore cub, Ellie’s small brother, owed March 22.

Needless to say, Tuesday day DFS sleepers and values did not hap this week. In my 2 years of penning this column, I person ne'er missed my 5 p.m. ET Tuesday deadline. So, acknowledgment a lot, COVID. You’ve already made maine a worse mentation of myself. But I volition marque up for it by nailing each my picks this week, and making each of you a ton of money. Hey, it’s 1 of my 5 main goals: Make my readers beaucoup bucks.

Every Tuesday this year, we’ve been highlighting our favourite under-the-radar plays. We scour the subordinate pools connected the 2 astir fashionable DFS sites and compile a database of players who we task to greatly transcend their humble terms tags. By pinpointing worth aboriginal and often erstwhile mounting our DFS lineups, we spend ourselves upgrades astatine different positions.

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If you had work this file past week, you would person erstwhile again benefited greatly from our advice. Check retired the highlights of our low-cost, high-value DFS hits from Week 17 (matchups, prices, and last PPR output listed). 

  • Joe Burrow, Bengals vs. Chiefs (DK: $6,900 | FD: $7,700): 42.84 phantasy points
  • Damien Harris, Patriots vs. Jaguars (DK: $6,600 | FD: $7,400): 17.7
  • Chase Edmonds, Cardinals astatine Cowboys (DK: $5,700 | FD: $6,500): 13.2
  • Christian Kirk, Cardinals astatine Cowboys (DK: $5,800 | FD: $6,400): 13.9
  • Saints D/ST vs. Panthers (DK: $3,400 | FD: $4,700): 15

That’s a tidy database of affordable production. If you deed connected immoderate of these DFS plays, you bought yourself elite-level accumulation without paying top-shelf prices. Think astir it: for a corporate mean of $5,680, these 5 plays netted you an mean of implicit 20 PPR points. By capitalizing connected sleepers and values similar these, you apt afforded yourself a stud oregon 2 astatine different roster spots. 

I’m mostly recovered now, and I’m arsenic focused arsenic ever. Now is the clip successful the NFL play erstwhile the studs truly abstracted themselves from the duds -- and present is the clip for DFS specialists to truly jack up their bankroll. Let’s spell find ourselves immoderate inexpensive production and decision our DFS opponents similar my girl and I crushed COVID-19. Warriors unite!

All subordinate values are from DraftKings and FanDuel. All stats are from and Pro Football Reference.


NFL DFS Picks Week 18: QB sleepers, values for DraftKings, FanDuel

Taysom Hill, Saints astatine Falcons (DK: $6,200 | FD: $7,700) 

Hill didn’t person to don his Superman suit against the offensively inept Panthers past play (apologies, Cam Newton), arsenic the Saints D carried New Orleans to an 18-10 victory. We besides didn’t spot the RPO extraordinaire bash overmuch against Tampa’s ascendant defence successful Week 15. But Hill exceeded 26 phantasy points successful some Week 13 against Dallas and Week 14 against the Jets. Much similar those 2 squads, Atlanta’s defence has been generous to QBs this season, allowing the fourth-most phantasy points to the position. The Saints person a changeable astatine the playoffs with a triumph this week (and losses from Philly and San Francisco), truthful expect a Herculean effort from Hill against the division-rival Dirty Birds. 

Kirk Cousins, Vikings vs. Bears (DK: $6,100 | FD: $7,200)

Cousins has been cleared to play this week, though it’s overmuch excessively precocious for the Vikings. Despite Minnesota being eliminated from playoff contention, manager Mike Zimmer says he’ll inactive commencement his seasoned QB connected Sunday successful a divisional crippled with Chicago. The past clip we saw Cousins connected the field, helium surpassed 20 phantasy points astatine location against the elite defence of the Rams. I deliberation Cousins volition decorativeness the play beardown against the 6-10 Bears, exceeding 20 points for the ninth clip this season.  

Carson Wentz, Colts astatine Jaguars (DK: $5,800 | FD: $7,200) 

I’m astir apt staying acold distant from this play, arsenic the Colts person intelligibly tried to support the shot retired of Wentz’s hands implicit the past fewer weeks. But this is Jacksonville we’re talking about, a squad that ranks 24th successful phantasy points allowed to QBs. If ever determination was a bully clip for Indy to signifier its passing crippled up of the playoffs, it’s now. The Jags volition apt beryllium stacking the container successful attempts to incorporate MVP campaigner moving backmost Jonathan Taylor, which is each the much crushed for Frank Reich to unleash Wentz. Indy needs to triumph to get into the dance, and if and erstwhile they get there, the Colts basal nary accidental if they can’t propulsion the ball. It’s a risky play, but it could wage off. Believe me, it’s slim pickings successful the QB excavation this week.

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NFL DFS Picks Week 18: RB sleepers, values for DraftKings, FanDuel

David Montgomery, Bears astatine Vikings (DK: $6,800 | FD: $7,600)

I cognize $6,800 seems similar acold from a value, but see the endowment and accidental you get with a skilled backmost similar Montgomery successful an otherwise-scuffling offense. He’s seen an mean of 25 touches per crippled implicit the past 3 weeks, and scored 22.3 PPR points per crippled implicit the past two. Minnesota ranks 27th successful rushing yards allowed per crippled this play (133.3), and 28th successful crushed yards allowed implicit the past 3 weeks (149.3). The Packers’ Aaron Jones and AJ Dillon gashed the Vikings for 139 combined yards and 2 TDs past week, and Montgomery should gash them again this Sunday.

AJ Dillon, Packers astatine Lions (DK: $6,200 | FD: $7,300)

This beast of a antheral has been superb this season, averaging 4.3 yards per transportation portion scoring 7 touchdowns crossed conscionable 206 touches. Dillon has recovered paydirt 3 times implicit the past 3 weeks, and helium should spot plentifulness of measurement against the 2-13-1 Lions, who surrender the third-most phantasy points successful the NFL to moving backs. Give the BC alum a spell this weekend, arsenic the NFC-leading Packers should beryllium capable to remainder starting backmost Aaron Jones for astir of the game. If we perceive reports anterior to Sunday that Dillon is going to beryllium rested, too, pivot to third-stringer Patrick Taylor, who offers a batch of upside successful a premium matchup.

Devin Singletary, Bills vs. Jets (DK: $6,000 | FD: $6,700)

Singletary has been the antheral for the Bills moving crippled successful the location stretch, looking amended and amended each week. Look astatine his PPR output from Week 14 to 17: 14.9, 16.6, 18.8, 26.0. That’s called hitting your stride astatine the close time, and it’s perfectly the close clip to currency successful connected this kid. The imaginable has ever been there, and present Singletary is present paying disconnected with accrued usage. The Jets fertile dormant past successful phantasy points allowed to moving backs, and they besides conflict to incorporate pass-catchers retired of the backfield. Buffalo should person nary occupation dismantling Gang Green, and Singletary should spot 23-plus touches for the 3rd clip successful 4 weeks. 

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NFL DFS Picks Week 18: WR sleepers, values for DraftKings, FanDuel

Tyler Lockett, Seahawks astatine Cardinals (DK: $6,400 | FD: $6,900) 

As usual, Lockett took the backseat to stud receiver DK Metcalf past week against Detroit, but this play should beryllium circled connected the calendar for Lockett fans. Over the past 3 times Seattle has played the Cardinals, the speedy wideout has torched the division-rivals for 382 yards and 4 TDs. Check the fume detectors and occurrence suppression systems astatine State Farm because dissimilar a bully neighbor, Lockett volition beryllium burning Arizona this play (put that connected your "Wall of Claims," J.K. Simmons!

Brandin Cooks, Texans vs. Titans (DK: $6,300 | FD: $7,100)

Cooks is the astir underrated superstar receiver successful shot -- helium conscionable keeps connected dominating, careless of his teams’ futility astatine the backmost position. The seasoned surpassed 1,000 receiving yards for the sixth clip successful his vocation past week, and helium needs conscionable 89 yards this Sunday to scope 1,100 for the 5th time. Methinks he’ll bash conscionable that, arsenic Tennessee surrenders 242.5 aerial yards per crippled (23rd successful the NFL). Cooks has notched 100-plus receiving yards successful 2 of Houston’s past 3 games, and he’s scored 3 TDs implicit the past 2 weeks. Get Cooks successful your DFS room this play (bad puns are seemingly a grounds of COVID). 

Odell Beckham Jr., Rams vs. 49ers (DK: $5,800 | FD: $6,500)

OBJ intelligibly plays second-fiddle to Pro Bowl standout Cooper Kupp, who deserves information to beryllium the archetypal wideout to triumph MVP honors, but that doesn’t mean Beckham’s not serviceable astatine $5,800. The talented seasoned has touchdowns successful 5 of his past six games arsenic a Ram, and he’s produced astatine slightest 13.7 PPR points successful each of LA’s past 2 games. In a meaningful Week 18 divisional location crippled against the playoff-hopeful 49ers, you privation inexpensive guys who travel up large successful the clutch. San Francisco ranks 23rd successful PPR points allowed to receivers, truthful OBJ feels similar a large play.


NFL DFS Picks Week 18: TE sleepers, values for DraftKings, FanDuel

Dawson Knox, Bills vs. Jets (DK: $5,400 | FD: $6,000)

I’m bullish connected Knox, conscionable similar my friends are bullish connected cryptocurrency. The talented choky extremity should spot plentifulness of targets successful Buffalo this play against the Jets, who fertile 27th successful phantasy points allowed to the position. Expect Knox to scope double-digit PPR points for the seventh time. 

Pat Freiermuth, Steelers astatine Ravens (DK: $4,600 | FD: $5,200)

Picking choky extremity sleepers is benignant of similar playing numbers successful roulette. You can’t truly marque an educated guess, it’s conscionable each luck. Will the 'Muth get escaped for a touchdown this week against the division-rival Ravens? Maybe so, possibly not. The rookie has 7 touchdowns and 7 double-digit phantasy performances. He caught five-of-six targets past week, but helium finished with conscionable 22 yards (he’s surpassed 44 yards successful a crippled conscionable erstwhile each season despite hauling successful 54 full passes). Spin the wheel and effort your luck, oregon play it harmless with Mark Andrews oregon George Kittle and drawback your sleepers and values successful the different skill-position spots.

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NFL DFS Picks Week 18: D/ST sleepers, values for DraftKings, FanDuel

Saints astatine Falcons (DK: $3,400 | FD: $4,900)

The Saints made maine look bully successful Week 17, truthful I’m riding with them again this play contempt the $500 summation connected DK. New Orleans’ stifling D was the main catalyst successful its’ 18-10 triumph implicit Carolina, and it volition beryllium the main crushed for a playoff berth if Who Dat Nation makes it to the postseason. Matt Ryan and the Falcons marque plentifulness of mistakes, allowing the third-most phantasy points per game to D/STs. If each goes to plan, New Orleans could precise good log 15 phantasy points for the sixth clip this season.     

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