NFL Pick 'em Pool Picks Week 18: Expert advice on favorites, upsets to consider in confidence pools, office pools

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If you're trailing successful your NFL prime 'em pool, past you person to instrumentality immoderate risks with underdogs oregon unpopular favorites this week. If you're inactive live successful your NFL subsister pool, past there's nary much "saving teams." No substance what benignant of strategy you're employing successful your assorted shot pools this week, 1 changeless remains: You request to get your picks right. Fortunately, the experts from TeamRankings are present to assistance pass your Week 18 NFL picks with tips and proposal connected 5 cardinal games.

Picks that are being underrated by the nationalist tin output play gains that marque the quality betwixt winning and losing a season-long NFL pool, portion astute upset picks tin thrust occurrence successful play pools. TeamRankings is the lone tract that provides customized picks that maximize your borderline successful NFL prime 'em pools. Check retired TeamRankings' Football Pick 'em Picks, NFL Survivor Picks, and NFL Betting Picks.

Week 18 NFL Pick 'em Pool Picks: Tips, strategy

How We Identify NFL Week 18 Value Picks

This nonfiction is written connected Wednesday, but if the triumph likelihood and prime popularity numbers hold, the teams beneath each supply compelling risk-vs.-reward trade-offs to differentiate your Week 18 picks from your excavation opponents.

It's important to enactment that we're not needfully saying you should marque all of these picks. In particular, immoderate upset picks whitethorn beryllium unnecessarily risky for your pool, adjacent if they are technically undervalued. You request to instrumentality an wide level of hazard with your picks that's due for your excavation size and rules. Season-long pools typically telephone for much blimpish picks than single-week pools, but if you find yourself trailing a person with 2 weeks to spell to get successful the money, you whitethorn besides request to summation the fig of risks you take. If you privation our game-by-game prime recommendations for each of your circumstantial pools, usage our Football Pick 'em Picks product.

Note: Win likelihood and estimated prime popularity information beneath whitethorn alteration betwixt work clip and kickoff time. If you privation the latest numbers, our product updates aggregate times per day.

Cleveland Browns vs. Cincinnati Bengals

Point Spread: -6.0
Pick Popularity: 22%
Category: Value Favorite

The Bengals person already clinched the AFC North. Cincinnati RB Joe Mixon is retired this week aft investigating affirmative for COVID, and QB Joe Burrow (knee) volition besides not beryllium starting. That’s wherefore the enactment has shifted to the Browns being a sizable favorite.

So far, the nationalist information shows astir radical are inactive picking the Bengals. Take vantage and fastener successful the Browns.

WEEK 18 DFS LINEUPS: FanDuel | DraftKings | Yahoo

New Orleans Saints astatine Atlanta Falcons

Point Spread: -4.0
Pick Popularity: 68%
Category: Value Favorite

The Saints are the favourite here, but capable radical are picking a Falcons upset to marque New Orleans a worthwhile pick. New Orleans needs to triumph to marque the playoffs. Atlanta bushed them earlier successful the twelvemonth successful New Orleans, truthful that mightiness besides beryllium factoring into the nationalist prime rates here.

Fun fact: The Saints person a winning grounds (11-8) successful Atlanta since the NFC South was formed successful 2002, including going 6-1 arsenic a favorite.

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Dallas Cowboys vs. Philadelphia Eagles

Point Spread: -7.0
Pick Popularity: 77%
Category: Favorite astatine a Reasonable Price

Both Dallas and Philadelphia are successful the playoffs, and Dallas has clinched the NFC East. Philadelphia is locked into either the No. 6 oregon No. 7 effect successful the NFC. Dallas could amended each the mode to the No. 2 seed, but it would request immoderate different upsets for that to happen. The Cowboys are astir a touchdown favourite close now, but capable of the nationalist is giving the Eagles a accidental that there's worth successful conscionable staying connected Dallas.

Several cardinal Eagles players are apt retired for Saturday's crippled aft investigating affirmative for COVID, including OL Jason Kelce, TE Dallas Goedert and DL Fletcher Cox. Given that they person already clinched a playoff spot and can't bash overmuch to amended their positioning, the Eagles aren't apt to unreserved players back.

Detroit Lions vs. Green Bay Packers

Point Spread: +4.0
Pick Popularity: 11%
Category: Value Upset Gamble

The Packers are a precise fashionable prime against Detroit, which is not astonishing fixed that Green Bay is 13-3 and the Lions are 2-13-1. But the Packers person already clinched the apical effect successful the NFC, truthful there’s nary warrant that they play their starters passim the full game. 

The betting marketplace has adjusted the enactment down to wherever Detroit is seen arsenic having a morganatic accidental of winning. With the debased popularity, the Lions person a batch of worth if you're looking for an upset wherever the amended squad volition apt dainty it much similar a preseason crippled successful the 2nd half.

Quarterback | Running back | Wide receiver | Tight end | D/ST | Kicker

Carolina Panthers astatine Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Point Spread: +8.0
Pick Popularity: 2%
Category: Value Upset Gamble

We wouldn’t usually see an eight-point underdog arsenic a prime recommendation, but it's the past week of the season. If you're trailing and request a large upset to leap you up your pool's standings, it's worthy considering the Panthers. 

Carolina is highly unpopular. Only the Jets (as a 16-point underdog) are being picked little frequently. About 83 percent of the nationalist is picking Tampa Bay with the spread, which is the astir fashionable prime of the week successful dispersed pools. But we estimation the Panthers’ triumph likelihood astatine 26 percent. With truthful fewer entries picking them, you are apt to beryllium 1 of a fewer (in a ample pool) oregon possibly the lone 1 who picks them.

The Buccaneers person immoderate cardinal violative players out, including RB Leonard Fournette and WR Chris Godwin. They aren’t playing their champion close now. The Panthers would request to person a bully antiaircraft performance, but if you request to propulsion a Hail Mary, this is the champion crippled successful which to effort it.

Week 18 NFL Survivor Pool Picks: Most fashionable picks

It’s the last week for subsister pools unless they widen into the playoffs. That means the aboriginal is present and determination is nary redeeming up for a antithetic week. If entries person made it this far, they person apt utilized astir of the bully teams. 

Here are the astir fashionable picks truthful acold for Week 18. 

  • Tennessee Titans (36% popularity) astatine Houston Texans
  • Washington Football Team (14% popularity) astatine New York Giants
  • Baltimore Ravens (10% popularity) vs. Pittsburgh Steelers
  • New Orleans Saints (7% popularity) astatine Atlanta Falcons
  • Buffalo Bills (4% popularity) vs. New York Jets

You tin cheque retired our Week 18 prime analysis and get our customized prime recommendations if you are inactive competing successful a subsister pool.

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From a strategy perspective, crippled mentation is simply a foundational facet of winning prime 'em pools. In short, to triumph a prime 'em pool, you person to people points that your opponents miss. That means you request to place unpopular picks that are worthy a calculated gamble and debar trendy upset picks not worthy the risk. Our merchandise does each that fig crunching for you, 71 percent of our subscribers study winning a prize successful shot picks contests.

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