NFL Week 18 Weather Updates: Rain, wind, cold in forecast could affect fantasy, betting decisions

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When you get into January, you person to beryllium prepared for astir thing successful the NFL upwind forecast. Fortunately, the archetypal Week 18 successful NFL past doesn't look excessively atrocious for this clip of year, but it's acold from optimal, arsenic acold temperatures, winds, rain, and possibly immoderate snowfall are connected tap. Fortunately, RotoGrinders' meteorologist Kevin Roth to assistance america interruption down the NFL upwind updates you request to cognize up of your (daily) phantasy shot and betting decisions.

Before we get into the Week 18 forecasts, here's a reminder that if you person immoderate questions astir sports upwind oregon however upwind could interaction play (and, potentially, your fantasy, DFS, and gambling decisions), don't hesitate to scope retired to RotoGrinders' meteorologist Kevin Roth connected Twitter (@KevinRothWx) oregon cheque retired the hourly NFL upwind forecasts on RotoGrinders. To instrumentality your crippled to the adjacent level, subscribe to RotoGrinders' exclusive WeatherEdge instrumentality and spot however antithetic upwind conditions person impacted humanities scoring.

NFL Week 18 weather updates

Forecasts courtesy for Kevin Roth astatine RotoGrinders

Steelers @ Ravens. There's a 37-percent accidental of rainfall for this game, but winds volition beryllium much than manageable. There's nary crushed to beryllium overly disquieted astir immoderate of the violative players, but fixed the mediocre offenses involved, immoderate inclement upwind is simply a bonus for the defenses.

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Bengals @ Browns. With a decent accidental of rain, astatine slightest early, and 15-20-mph winds, this crippled is acceptable for backup QBs. The precocious winds are a interest for the kickers and conscionable mostly should pb to a batch of running. It's not arsenic if the teams won't beryllium capable to propulsion astatine all, but with small inducement for either nine to spell each out, you shouldn't expect an violative detonation here. 

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Washington @ Giants. There's a reasonably bully accidental of precipitation, temps successful the mid 30s, and 10-plus-mph winds expected. For 2 teams going nowhere, this could pb to an uglier crippled than usual. Bet connected the under, and expect a batch of running. 


Jets @ Bills. There's a comparatively tiny accidental of precipitation and temps successful the 30s, but the large interest present is the 20-plus-mph gusts. The winds volition beryllium consistently high, truthful that should impact the kicking and adjacent the passing games astatine slightest somewhat. Josh Allen volition beryllium conscionable good acknowledgment to his moving ability, but you can't number connected each of Buffalo's WRs.

Patriots @ Dolphins. There's a 30-percent accidental of rainfall and winds astir 15 mph expected here. While not a immense deal, that mightiness origin the Pats to tally a spot more, and it won't assistance the Dolphins passing offense.

All of this is taxable to alteration arsenic we get person to kickoff. You tin travel meteorologist Kevin Roth connected Twitter (@KevinRothWx) and cheque retired the hourly NFL upwind forecasts on RotoGrinders. For the champion weather-related phantasy advice, instrumentality a look astatine WeatherEdge.

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