Nozomi Networks claims first with OT and IoT endpoint security sensor

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Nozomi Networks partners now have access to the “industry’s first” operational technology (OT) and Internet of Things (IoT) endpoint security solution.

Dubbed ‘Nozomi Arc’, the remotely deployable solution is designed to improve operational resiliency through asset visibility, deployment speed and reach across complex and remote OT and IT networks.

It can run across a large number of sites and devices, providing data and insights about assets and endpoints. This data can be used to analyse vulnerabilities, deter threats and correlate user activity without straining resources or disrupting mission-critical networks, according to Nomozi’s marketing.

The company claims Nozomi Arc is the only OT solution in the market to detect malicious hardware. “It’s the first solution to provide continuous visibility into (active and inactive) network assets and key endpoint attributes as well as information about who is using them. With access to the full attack surface of host systems, Arc provides more complete threat analysis and monitors potential attack entry points than is possible with a network-based sensor alone,” it stated.

Nozomi Arc is available now via subscription from Nozomi Networks and partners. The company's Australian partners include IBM, Mandiant, CyberCX and Deloitte. 

Nozomi Networks co-founder and chief product officer Andrea Carcano said, “Operational resiliency is the top business priority for critical infrastructure organisations, which can only be achieved by lowering cyber risks and increasing security.”

“Nozomi Arc accelerates time to resiliency by transforming every computer on the network into an OT security sensor. It quickly extends visibility to attack surfaces and threats inside endpoint hosts and their local network. With Nozomi Arc, users can quickly corollate more information from more sources for better diagnostics and faster time to response.”

The company stated “Nozomi Arc eliminates time, resource, geographic and internal policy constraints that come with network-based deployments.”

In 2021, Nozomi Networks launched a new partner program, called MSSP Elite Program, providing partners focused on OT and IoT access to its cybersecurity solutions, expertise, training and certifications and selling resources. The company also has MSSP Focus Partners who offer services tailored to address regional needs and requirements of customers.

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