President Biden Eulogizes Harry Reid, WaPo Criticizes Funeral-Going

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President Biden Eulogizes Harry Reid ... WaPo Criticizes His Funeral-Going

1/8/2022 2:03 PM PT


President Biden paid tribute to his precocious legislature colleague, Harry Reid, this play -- continuing a contented of funeral-going that the Washington Post appears to instrumentality contented with.

The erstwhile Nevada senator, who died past week, was honored Saturday successful his location authorities done a memorial work ... 1 which featured large speakers from the Democratic party, including Biden himself, erstwhile President Barack Obama, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and others.

46 delivered remarks astir what Reid meant to American politics, arsenic did Obama and the remainder ... but conscionable a time earlier, WaPo published a communicative that was each astir however Biden has spent overmuch of his presidency doing precisely this -- with what sounds similar captious tone, nary less.

The communicative is titled "Biden, funerals and a bygone America." The substance itself details however consoling families of the fallen, particularly aged friends of his, is precise important to JB ... and however immoderate aides seemingly debar trying to halt him, arsenic they've recovered it futile to bash so.

We’ve deleted a tweet that inaccurately represented the scope of the story.

— The Washington Post (@washingtonpost) January 8, 2022 @washingtonpost

The sentiment of the communicative -- contempt ne'er rather stating it explicitly successful the assemblage itself -- is that Biden's changeless grieving is simply a spot of a turnoff and somewhat of a time-waster ... which was deed location successful a since-deleted tweet by the Post that they initially utilized arsenic a caption.

It read, "Biden, who heads to Sen. Harry M. Reid's memorial Saturday -- his seventh arsenic president -- uses funerals to grant his friendships and marque a constituent astir bipartisanship. Not everyone thinks it's the champion usage of his time."

I volition hold present for the evident increasing chorus referenced present who are opposed (that is close opposed according to this tweet) to a @POTUS who honors the lives of those lost, with empathy and grace.

— Jen Psaki (@PressSec) January 8, 2022 @PressSec

Almost immediately, the Post started getting a monolithic magnitude of backlash -- including from Press Sec. Jen Psaki -- and they deleted the tweet, aboriginal saying it didn't accurately correspond the scope of the story.

That's inactive up for statement to galore ... who wonder, what's the constituent of this story??? According to critics, the full intent of penning this was to item what WaPo perceives arsenic Biden being retired of touch/overly optimistic successful trying to cling to a governmental dynamic of the past.

You tin read the story for yourself and marque up your ain caput -- but conscionable similar erstwhile the NYT criticized Joe Biden overly-grieving his precocious son, a batch of folks see this a deed piece.

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