Quitting smoking is more difficult for women than men

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ANI | Updated: Aug 25, 2021 22:39 IST

Washington [US], August 25 (ANI): The findings of a caller survey done connected much than 35,000 smokers recovered that adjacent though women fume less cigarettes than men but they are little apt to quit.
The probe was precocious presented astatine ESC Congress 2021.
Study writer Ms. Ingrid Allagbe, a PhD pupil astatine the University of Burgundy, Dijon, France said: "In our study, women who utilized smoking cessation services had higher rates of overweight oregon obesity, depression, and anxiousness compared to men and kicked the wont little often. Our findings item the request to supply smoking cessation interventions tailored to the needs of women."
This survey compared characteristics and abstinence rates of men and women visiting smoking cessation services betwixt 2001 and 2018 successful France. Data were obtained from the nationwide database CDT-net. The survey enrolled smokers aged 18 and older with astatine slightest 1 further hazard origin for cardiovascular disease: overweight/obese (body wide scale [BMI] 25 kg/m2 oregon above); precocious cholesterol; diabetes; precocious humor pressure; past of stroke, bosom onslaught oregon angina.
A nicotine dependence standard was utilized to classify participants arsenic having mild, moderate, oregon terrible dependence. Smoking abstinence (at slightest 28 consecutive days) was self-reported and confirmed by measurement of exhaled c monoxide little than 10 parts per cardinal (ppm).

Participants provided accusation connected their age, acquisition level, different conditions including diabetes and respiratory illnesses, and fig of cigarettes smoked each day. Height and value were measured. Participants were classified arsenic having anxiousness and slump symptoms oregon not according to their aesculapian history, usage of anti-anxiety medicine oregon antidepressants, and the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS).
A full of 37,949 smokers were included successful the study, of whom 16,492 (43.5 per cent) were women. The mean property of women successful the survey was 48 years, portion the mean property of men was 51 years (p<0.001). More women (55 per cent) reported a bachelor's grade level of acquisition oregon higher compared to men (45 per cent; p<0.001).
Both men and women had a precocious load of cardiovascular hazard factors. High cholesterin was much communal successful men (33 per cent) compared to women (30 per cent; p<0.001), arsenic was precocious humor unit (26 per cent versus 23 per cent, respectively; p<0.001). Diabetes was besides much communal successful men (13 per cent) compared to women (10 per cent; p<0.001).
A greater proportionality of women (27 per cent) were overweight oregon obese compared to men (20 per cent; p<0.001). Women (37.5 per cent) were much apt to person symptoms of anxiousness oregon slump than men (26.5 per cent; p<0.001). Chronic obstructive pulmonary illness was much communal successful women (24 per cent) compared to men (21 per cent p<0.001) arsenic was asthma (16 per cent versus 9 per cent, respectively; p<0.001).
The mean fig of cigarettes smoked regular was 23 successful women and 27 successful men (p<0.001). Some 56 per cent of women had a terrible nicotine dependence compared to 60 per cent of men (p<0.001). Abstinence was little communal successful women (52 per cent) than men (55 per cent; p<0.001).
Ms. Allagbe said: "The findings suggest that contempt smoking less cigarettes and being little nicotine babelike than men, women find it much hard to quit. Possible contributors could beryllium the higher prevalence of anxiety, slump and overweight oregon obesity among women. It has antecedently been reported that women whitethorn look antithetic barriers to smoking cessation related to fearfulness of value gain, enactment hormones, and mood."
She concluded: "The results bespeak that broad smoking cessation programmes are needed for women that connection a multidisciplinary attack involving a psychologist, dietitian, and carnal enactment specialist." (ANI)

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