Radio Host Dave Ramsey Says Raising Rents Doesn't Make One a Bad Christian

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Radio Host Dave Ramsey Raising Rents connected Tenants ... Doesn't Make You a Bad Christian!!!

1/8/2022 11:48 AM PT

The Ramsey Show

When the Lord said, "Let determination beryllium inflation," that beauteous overmuch gave Christian landlords the greenish airy to rise rents without guilt ... that seems to beryllium Dave Ramsey's take, anyway.

The fiscal guru vigor big -- who's besides a devout evangelical -- took this stance earlier successful the week ... and it's getting a batch of backlash present from radical who deliberation the precise quality of booting a tenant due to the fact that they can't spend the rent anymore is ... not precise Christ-like.

Not so, according to DR ... who gave his thoughts connected the taxable aft a instrumentality wrote successful talking astir his interior turmoil regarding raising prices connected his properties, and reconciling that with his faith.

It's an absorbing premise (if you're religious) ... the spectator says helium feels he's technically liable for displacing idiosyncratic if helium chooses to evict -- and thinks that makes him a atrocious Christian. But, Ramsey takes the other presumption ... saying that's full nonsense.

Check retired the afloat clip for the full discourse -- successful which Ramsey and his cohost accidental determination are circumstances wherever you don't person to beryllium a cold, hard capitalist -- but for the astir portion ... they look to hold that there's thing un-Christian astir adapting to the marketplace.

“For I was hungry, and thirsty, and needed a spot to live, and you said ‘sorry, the marketplace demands a higher terms for these things than you tin wage truthful get out.’”

— Rev. Jacob Brenton (@jacobbrenton) January 7, 2022 @jacobbrenton

Of course, not everyone agrees with DR and co., including immoderate salient Christians ... who consciousness like, yeah, being a landlord that's consenting to enactment idiosyncratic retired connected the thoroughfare DOES marque 1 a crappy steward of Christianity.

One pastor writes, "We are perfectly liable erstwhile our actions displace others from their homes. The Son of Man had nary spot to remainder His head, and it sounds similar Dave wouldn't springiness him 1 for adjacent a penny nether what helium thinks 'market value' is."

Is Capitalism Inherently Anti-Christian

The question truly seems to boil down to economical philosophy, and whether the quality of our capitalist DNA goes against Christian values successful and of itself. With that said, we gotta inquire ... WWJD successful this modern-day wealthiness of nations???

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