Shawn Mendes Hits the Beach in Miami After Walking Dog with Camila Cabello

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Shawn Mendes Beach Bod connected Full Display ... But What's the Deal with Camila?!?

1/8/2022 7:10 AM PT

Shawn Mendes whitethorn beryllium thing of a poser, but springiness the feline a pass!!!

Shawn looked large arsenic helium emerged from the water bluish Friday successful Miami. He spent astir 2 hours connected the soil ... extracurricular the Soho House.  One sunbather tells TMZ Shawn looked "pensive, astir similar helium was meditating."

Apparently, helium went down to the formation with friends, but spent astatine slightest immoderate of the clip successful solitude, though helium did leap successful the h2o from clip to time.

The question ... are Shawn and Camila Cabello backmost together? They were retired walking their dog unneurotic the different day. We accidental "together" due to the fact that they got the Golden Retriever, Tarzan, unneurotic during quarantine. Now they announced their breakup truthful it could conscionable beryllium Shawn wants immoderate clip with the pooch. But, radical are buzzing that this looks similar much than conscionable a canine custody arrangement.

Whatever's going connected with them ... Shawn's making it wide if helium is so single, he's successful top dating shape!

And, for that substance ... don't interest astir Camila either!

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