Shawn Mendes Takes a Dip at Miami Beach After Canceling World Tour

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Shawn Mendes Takes a Dip in Miami ... The Beach Ain't Canceled!!!

8/5/2022 12:02 PM PT

Shawn Mendes may have made the decision to pull the plug on his world tour, but he's not canceling some serious beach time ... soaking up the sun and taking a plunge.

The Canadian singer was spotted at the beach Friday in Miami, wearing red trunks and with his chiseled figure on full display. Shawn got in the water for a bit to cool off, fully submerging before heading back to shore.

As we reported, Shawn recently announced he was pulling the plug on his Wonder World Tour in order to focus on his mental health. The singer told fans that while he thought he was ready to hit the road again, the pressures and stresses of performing city to city and being away from friends and family were too much.

Shawn's family is based in the Toronto, Canada area ... but his ex-girlfriend, Camila Cabello, who Mendes has remained close with since their split lives in Miami -- so it's possible he's spending time with her.

Shawn said he'd be taking some time for himself and to work with mental health experts ... and no better way to calm the mind than some ocean, sun and surf.

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