‘Spider-Man,’ 'Hulk' Comic Legend Peter David Hospitalized for Strokes

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Comic Book Legend Peter David Hospitalized After Series of Strokes

11/30/2022 12:30 AM PT

Iconic comic book writer Peter David is in a hospital, recovering from a series of extremely debilitating strokes ... TMZ has learned.

Kathleen David tells us ... Peter tried getting out of bed last week, but instead he slid off because he was unable to use his legs. Kathleen was able to get him standing and take him downstairs, but after he was unable to get off the couch for 5 hours, she called 911.

We're told paramedics took him to a hospital, noting he was gray when they arrived. Kathleen says she later learned Peter had suffered a mild cardiac event and a major stroke ... followed by a few smaller ones.

Kathleen says her husband -- who's written for Marvel and DC's biggest superheroes -- is still hospitalized and undergoing tests to determine the next steps.

A couple of positive signs ... she says he's able to speak, and is already complaining about still being laid up in a hospital.

She tells us the medical bills are stackin' up pretty high for Peter ... and says a friend has started a GoFundMe for anyone looking to help them out.

FYI -- Peter is a legend in the comic book world ... writing for big titles like "The Incredible Hulk," "Spider-Man 2099," "Supergirl" and "Aquaman." He also co-created and wrote the "Star Trek: New Frontier" novels, and has picked up 9 awards over the years for his work.

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