Stars and Scars -- You Be the Judge

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So, arsenic Kim and Pete question the world, Kanye has hooked up with a caller gf, oregon truthful it seems. And, Trump was successful Biden's crosshairs connected Jan 6th. So, we gotta inquire ...

Novak Djokovic Booted From Australian Open

  • That's Justice Mate!!!
  • They're Making Him A Scapegoat

LeBron Going After ESPN Announcer Over Porter Comment ...

  • You Go, LeBron
  • He's Wrong And Should Apologize

Who Most Benefits From Relationship?

  • Angelina Jolie
  • The Weeknd

Adele Buying Sly Stallone's Home ...

  • Keep The 'Rocky' Statues
  • 86 Them Stat!!!

More Likely ...

  • Kim Will Marry Pete Davidson
  • Khloe And Tristan Back Together

I Trust The CDC For COVID Guidance ...

  • For Sure I Do
  • Nah, They Don't Have Act Together
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