'To Sir With Love' Singer Lulu Says Sidney Poitier Was Her Inspiration

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'To Sir With Love' Singer Lulu SIDNEY POITIER WAS 'MY INSPIRATION' ... He Empowered, Educated

1/7/2022 5:23 PM PT

Scottish singer Lulu, who sang the huge, hit, rubric opus for 1 of Sidney Poitier's astir celebrated movies, is reflecting connected his decease ... and thanking him for inspiring her.

Lulu tells TMZ ... Sidney was "my friend, my teacher, my inspiration."

She famously sang the taxable opus for Sidney's 1967 movie, "To Sir, With Love." The movie was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Original Score written from a question representation oregon TV show.

Sidney starred successful the film, alongside Christian Roberts, Judy Geeson, Suzy Kendall ... and Lulu!

Lulu besides tells america the movie, "rises supra the fray and leads by example," ... comparing it to the mode Sidney pb his life. She says SP empowered and educated those astir him, truthful they could take to travel his lead.

Remember ... Sidney is credited with breaking barriers successful Hollywood for Black celebrities ... and Lulu intelligibly was moved by moving with him.

As we reported ... Sidney died astatine the property of 94, though there's nary authoritative origin of decease yet, and there's been tons of tributes pouring successful crossed Hollywood for the archetypal Black antheral to triumph an Oscar for Best Actor.

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