Tom Brady playoff stats: How many wins, records, Super Bowls does Buccaneers QB have?

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At this point, it would be easier to assemble a list of records that Tom Brady doesn't hold.

The combination of elite talent and longevity in a sport not known for long careers has him standing alone atop most passing records, particularly any that are for career numbers.

But Brady's regular-season achievements pale in comparison to what he has done in the playoffs. His postseason domination has him far and away past any other quarterbacks in history with numbers that will be hard for anyone else to reach.

As Brady continues his 19th trip to the postseason, Sporting News is breaking down the numbers behind his success, and just how far other quarterbacks will have to go to topple his records.

Tom Brady playoff records

Passing yards

The NFL's career regular-season passing yards leader also holds the record for career postseason passing yards with 12,720. The gap between him and the rest of the field is immense, to say the least.

Rank Player Yards
1. Tom Brady 12,720
2. Peyton Manning 7,339
3. Ben Roethlisberger 5,972
4. Aaron Rodgers 5894
5. Brett Favre 5,855

Manning is the only quarterback with even half as many career passing yards as Brady. Roethlisberger is almost certainly retiring, leaving Rodgers as the closest active quarterback to Brady.

After Rodgers, it's Russell Wilson (3,786), Joe Flacco (3,223), Patrick Mahomes (2,728) and Matt Ryan (2,672) as the only other active quarterbacks with at least 2,000 postseason passing yards. Mahomes is viewed as the next generational quarterback, and he's already proven that he can lead his team deep into the playoffs. If Brady didn't add another passing yard in his career and Mahomes averaged 300 passing yards per game, it would still take him 34 more games to surpass Brady, meaning that if he spent four games each postseason, it would still take nine more years for him to pass Brady. 

For reference, only 171 quarterbacks have more passing yards in the regular season than Brady has in the postseason, per Stathead.

As New England's quarterback in Super Bowl 52, Brady set the single-game record with 505 passing yards. Brady doesn't hold the record for the most passing yards in a single postseason, however. That honor belongs to Eli Manning, who threw for 1,219 in 2011 en route to beating Brady and the Patriots in the Super Bowl. Brady does rank fourth (1,137 in 2016), fifth (1,132 in 2017) and eighth (1,061 in 2020) on that list.

Passing touchdowns

Again, he's the NFL career regular-season leader in passing touchdowns and so, yes, again, it would make sense for him to also be the postseason leader in touchdowns. And he is. By a longshot.

Rank Player Touchdowns
1. Tom Brady 85
T2. Aaron Rodgers 45
T2. Joe Montana 45
4. Brett Favre 44
5. Peyton Manning 40

There are only three quarterbacks halfway to Brady's 85. In fact, only 13 quarterbacks are currently even within 60 of Brady's total.

Rodgers is the remaining active leader pursuing Brady. Roethlisberger has 36. Then it's Flacco (25), Wilson (25), Mahomes (22) and Ryan (20).

Brady is also tied with Steve Young and Daryle Lamonica for the most in a single game, when he passed for six TDs against the Broncos in 2012. He has two seasons tied for the fourth-most in a single postseason with 10 (2014 and 2020), tied with Mahomes (2019). Only Joe Montana (1989), Flacco (2012) and Kurt Warner (2008) had more in a single postseason, when they each connected for 11.

Quarterback wins

Both a testament to his longevity and the success he has found when reaching the playoffs, Brady again holds a substantial advantage in this record as well.

Rank Player Wins
1. Tom Brady 35
2. Joe Montana 16
T-3. Terry Bradshaw 14
T-3. John Elway 14
T-3. Peyton Manning 14

It's still not remotely close. Brady has an all-time winning percentage of .761, which tops all quarterbacks with double-digit playoff wins.

Next behind Brady among active quarterbacks in playoff wins is Roethlisberger (until he retires) at 13, with Rodgers at 11, Flacco at 10 and Wilson at nine. Mahomes has seven.

To put Brady's success in context, he has more playoff wins than any franchise except the Patriots (with whom he shares most of their 37 wins), the Packers (36) and the Steelers (36). He has the same number of wins as the Cowboys (35) and has two more than the 49ers (33). He has more playoff wins than the Jaguars, Cardinals, Lions, Bengals and Texans combined.

Along the way, he has picked up 14 of those wins via game-winning drives, which is also a record. Elway has the second-most game-winning drives witih six, and Eli Manning and Montana are tied with five each.

Tom Brady playoff stats

Brady ranks among the best quarterbacks in several other key stats as well.

Brady holds the records for both career completions (1,135) and career attempts (1,801). Next up in each category is Peyton Manning (649 completions, 1,027 attempts). He also has thrown the most postseason interceptions at 38, with Favre second at 30.

His career passer rating (91.0) has him ranked 16th among quarterbacks and seventh among active QBs, with Mahomes (105.1) currently holding the record. Josh Allen (100.9), Ryan (100.8), Rodgers (100.5), Nick Foles (98.8) and Wilson (95.3) are the only active quarterbacks above Brady.

Though never considered a particularly mobile quarterback, Brady is tied for the 16th-most rushing touchdowns with seven.

Brady will look to continue adding to his impressive postseason stats on Sunday, when he and the Buccaneers face the Rams at 3 p.m. ET.

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