Tommy Lee's Wife Brittany Furlan Makes Pamela Anderson Joke on TikTok

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Tommy Lee's Wife Pam Wouldn't Care If I Died

2/3/2023 8:55 AM PT

Tommy Lee's wife apparently doesn't think Pamela Anderson gives a damn about her, despite what Pam's said publicly, suggesting Pam doesn't care if she's dead or alive.

Brittany Furlan posted and quickly deleted a TikTok mocking Pam -- seemingly making the decision to take the post down after being dragged in the comments.

In the video, Brittany uses a "90s Pam Makeup" filter and sets a scenario where Pam just found out Brittany died and couldn't care less. Brittany, imitating Pam, says ... "She passed away? Oh, hmmm, alright."

The clip features superimposed text, reading ... "Pam if i died" ... and Brittany captioned the post, "Pls guys I gotta make jokes it's how I cope." Brittany, who married Tommy in 2019, pans the camera to Tommy at the end of the video.

Brittany's apparent disdain for Pam, who has two kids with Tommy from their 1990s marriage, appears one-sided ... Pam recently told Howard Stern she totally supports Brittany and Tommy's marriage.

Pam's clearly top of mind for Brittany ... Pam's been dominating headlines recently and just had a Netflix documentary released, plus a memoir, and Brittany posted a TikTok telling folks not to worry about her following the Netflix doc.

But, based on her since-deleted video, Brittany's not coping as well as she claims.

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