True or False: Klay Thompson's return makes Warriors consensus title favorite

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Klay Thompson's instrumentality is here.

The five-time All-Star volition marque his play debut on Sunday when the Warriors look the Cavaliers.

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The Warriors already person the second-best grounds successful the NBA this play without Thompson having logged a azygous minute. With him, should they beryllium the statement favourite to triumph it all?

Members of The Sporting News unit measurement in.

Scott Rafferty (@crabdribbles): Let's not hide that Thompson is coming disconnected of possibly the 2 worst injuries a hoops subordinate tin endure successful tearing his ACL and Achilles. Having not played successful 2 seasons, it's going to instrumentality him clip to enactment his mode backmost to being the Klay Thompson we each cognize and love.

Assuming, of course, Thompson tin inactive get backmost to that level.

Offensively, I deliberation he'll beryllium fine. Defensively is much of a question mark, though it surely helps that the Warriors tin situation him with different elite defenders. (There's a crushed Draymond Green is the front-runner for Defensive Player of the Year and Andrew Wiggins has filled successful nicely arsenic their go-to stopper connected the perimeter.)

The Warriors person established themselves arsenic a legit rubric contender this play without Thompson, and he should only marque them better. However, there's a small excessively overmuch uncertainty for maine to accidental they should beryllium the statement favourite without seeing what helium looks like. I person excessively overmuch respect for the Suns, Nets and Bucks (as good arsenic a fewer different teams) to spell there.

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Kyle Irving (@KyleIrv_): I'm going to broadside with Scott present – Thompson's instrumentality doesn't marque the Warriors the statement rubric favorite, but it evidently helps their chances.

This has thing to bash with Thompson individually and has everything to bash with my respect level for the 2 teams who reached the Finals past twelvemonth and lone look to person gotten amended – the Suns and Bucks. To me, those are inactive the 2 teams to beat. The Nets are close there, too, but I would radical them successful with the Warriors to marque an elite four-team tier that is supra the remainder of the league.

The Warriors are decidedly rubric contenders and Thompson's instrumentality lone bolsters their lawsuit to marque different tally to the NBA Finals. I person precocious hopes for the five-time All-Star erstwhile helium retakes the floor, adjacent aft spending 2 afloat seasons connected the sidelines.

That shooting changeable isn't going anyplace and he's going to instrumentality plentifulness of pressure disconnected of Stephen Curry connected the violative end. With Green inactive playing similar a Defensive Player of the Year campaigner and Wiggins taking connected bigger assignments, I don't deliberation Golden State volition inquire arsenic overmuch of Thompson connected the antiaircraft extremity arsenic they did during their premier dynasty days.

I can't hold for Klay to get backmost retired there, I person nary doubt he's going to beryllium awesome. But his instrumentality doesn't elevate the Warriors into a tier of their own, they're inactive successful the aforesaid battalion arsenic the Bucks, Suns and Nets.

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Gilbert McGregor (@GMcGregor21): As overmuch arsenic I privation to beryllium the contrarian and spell against Scott and Kyle, I can't accidental Thompson's instrumentality makes Golden State the favorite before I spot him successful action.

Before acknowledging the different favorites, I'll commencement by focusing solely connected the Warriors.

In Thompson's absence, Golden State has gotten retired to an highly blistery start, receiving large contributions from the likes of Otto Porter, Jordan Poole and Wiggins, who person stepped up to bash immoderate of the things that Thompson does. Now, this is wherever I clarify that I don't deliberation that those players are amended than a five-time All-Star successful highest Klay, but I bash interest that an exaggerated effort to re-incorporate Thompson could person an adverse effect connected the players that person stepped up.

Would it beryllium permanent? Probably not, but arsenic casual arsenic it should beryllium to get Thompson backmost into the rotation, it won't travel without an accommodation period. That unsocial evens the playing field, adjacent if it whitethorn look arsenic though Golden State has an abundance of riches.

Now, to origin successful the different rubric contenders astir the league, I hold that it would beryllium unfair to use Thompson's accomplishment arsenic thing that elevates the Warriors supra the defending champs, the Suns oregon Nets. Oh, and the Bulls are coming, too.

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