U.S. Poised to Shoot Down Chinese Balloon, Biden Will 'Take Care Of It'

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Chinese Spy Balloon U.S. Poised to Shoot It Down ... Biden Will 'Take Care of It'

2/4/2023 10:30 AM PT

A Chinese spy balloon that's been hovering over the U.S. throughout the week is probably going to meet its maker once it reaches the deep blue ... something President Biden teased.

JB made one of his first public comments about the foreign aircraft Saturday while out in Syracuse, NY -- where he was asked about it by a reporter ... to whom he casually responded, "We're going to take care of it." Reports from AP and ABC News suggest it's going down.

Q: “Any comment on China?”

Biden, after days of inaction on the CCP spy balloon: “We’re going to take care of it.” pic.twitter.com/D6n2nDadh4

— RNC Research (@RNCResearch) February 4, 2023 @RNCResearch

According to the outlets, the Biden administration is strongly considering shooting the balloon while it's floating over the Atlantic Ocean ... that way, there's no risk of any debris crashing into anything or anybody on the ground. The reports say U.S. officials have cleared airspace for this, and that they would collect the debris for further examination thereafter.

As of Saturday morning, the balloon could be seen fly above the Carolinas and heading East. Estimates say it should be over water sometime this afternoon, so it could go down later today.

BREAKING: The Chinese spy balloon was just spotted over our area. I took this video while standing in Northern Greenville County. The U.S. has elected not to shoot it down, at least not yet, though all options are still on the table. I will keep you posted. pic.twitter.com/wemwk913fl

— Jackson Gosnell (@jacksongosnell) February 4, 2023 @jacksongosnell

The Prez was reportedly first briefed on the fact the balloon had entered our territory on Tuesday, and the first sightings of it over Montana and other midwestern states began surfacing Wednesday. China says it's an unmanned weather balloon conducting research which accidentally veered off course and floated our way ... but the U.S. has called BS.

Instead, intelligence officials are saying it's a surveillance balloon ... and they believe it was sent here intentionally. In any case, it's not great for diplomatic relations right now.

A Chinese spy balloon has been flying over the United States for a couple of days, U.S. officials said, one a defense expert estimates is equivalent to the size of three bus lengths https://t.co/BhcAHLUddz 1/5 pic.twitter.com/oMrJXNuwgz

— Reuters (@Reuters) February 3, 2023 @Reuters

A second balloon was also spotted floating above Latin America today. Time will tell if it's flight comes to an end ... and what any potential findings could mean for how we deal with China.

Things have been bumpy lately with the superpower nation, especially as it pertains to predictions about war and whatnot. With this brazen move, it doesn't bode well.

The balloon takedown could happen any moment now ... stay tuned.

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