Vection Tech pioneers meta ‘space content’ for Artemis moon landing

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South Australian based and globally focused enterprise virtual and augmented reality technology company Vection Technologies has secured a two year memorandum of understanding with space travel leaders to create the first VR metaverse platform which promotes space habitation, experimentation and travel.

Branded Lunar City and developed in response to the NASA’s return to the moon Artemis program, Vection will be the exclusive provider of VR and metaverse technology for the platform.

It features MoU partners Thales Alenia Space, Next One Film Group and ALTEC. 

Utilising video imaging data captured from cameras and sensors onboard space
modules and spacecrafts, the metaverse ‘Lunar City’ aims to entice public to participate in a fully immersive virtual reality experience.

Lunar City allows access to astronauts’ training and other educational applications.

The platform's flagship project Travel Space Real Time (TSRT) also lets users watch live experiments from space and train astronauts and space tourists. 

Dubbed "space content" the group share the common vision to  leverage the content  for business opportunities with space operators and space agencies.

Additionally is aims to broaden public outreach for the Artemis program, moon landing and  space tourism.

The MoU parties are set to jointly work on video content exclusivity agreements from relevant space agencies and establish strong sales channels for the Lunar City platform.

Meanwhile, the Artemis program intends to re-establish a human presence on the Moon for the first time since the Apollo 17 mission in 1972.

NASA signed a deal with the Italian Space Agency in June 2022 for a bilateral cooperation.

This is to conduct a preliminary design study of Lunar Surface multi-purpose Habitation Module(s) proposed by Italian Space Agency (ASI) for the Artemis program.

Preliminary technical implementation of the concept onboard spacecrafts has been initially developed by Thales Alenia Space and Next One Film Group which has worked closely with the ASI, the European Space Agency (ESA) and NASA. 

The space agencies forecast that the Artemis program will be the foundation for a sustained presence on the lunar surface with intention to use the Moon to validate deep space systems and operations before taking on the voyage to Mars.

Initially, Lunar City will be provided to Universities and Research Institutions to allow verification and remote handling of experiments and to Space Agencies for Astronaut training through the TSRT project.

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