Why no FA Cup replays: Explaining what will happen in case of draws

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FA Cup - England - 2021 (Getty Images)

The FA Cup's 3rd and 4th rounds volition erstwhile much bash without replays successful 2021-22, the Football Association confirmed connected Dec. 20. Matches that extremity successful a gully for the remainder of the tourney volition spell to other clip and a penalty-kick shootout, if necessary.

After replays were suspended passim the 2020-21 season, they were scheduled to return for this season's edition up to and including the 4th Round. But this determination does distant with replays for some the 3rd and 4th Rounds and it comes aft determination were 13 replays played across the 1st Round and 2nd Round of the competition.

As the fig of league matches postponed owed to the latest COVID-19 outbreak has continued to heap up, the FA has moved to easiness the fixture backlog for affected clubs.

"Replays person been removed successful some the 3rd and 4th rounds of the 2021-22 Emirates FA Cup," the FA signalled successful a connection released Dec. 20.

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"This exceptional determination was approved by the FA Board connected Friday 17 December and has been taken successful the wider involvement of English shot to alleviate the anticipation of fixture congestion pursuing respective postponements successful caller days and continued uncertainty up owed to COVID-19.

"Ties successful the 3rd and 4th rounds of this season’s contention (Round of 64 and Round of 32) volition beryllium played to a decorativeness connected the day, with extra-time and punishment shootouts if required.

"Replays volition instrumentality up to and including the 4th circular of the Emirates FA Cup from the 2022-23 play onwards."

Why nary replays successful the FA Cup is simply a large deal

Replays are a accepted diagnostic of the FA Cup, and are notably an accidental for lower-league clubs to unafraid a 2nd money-making instrumentality lucifer should they instrumentality a gully against 1 of the Premier League giants successful the aboriginal rounds.

In 2020-21, however, fixed the request to condense the play owed to the pandemic, the replay format was dispensed with successful favour of ending each necktie successful other clip oregon penalties connected the aforesaid day.

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In July the FA announced that replays would marque a instrumentality for 2021-22 done to the 4th Round, and a full of 13 matches successful the archetypal and 2nd rounds were decided successful that fashion.

Recently, however, a spike successful coronavirus cases has caused upheaval successful the schedule, with nary less than 17 Premier League matches postponed.

As those games volition person to beryllium rescheduled successful the coming weeks and months, removing imaginable replays whitethorn assistance to halt the fixtures piling up for affected teams.

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