Optical illusion determines if you’re easily heartbroken or have commitment issues

An optic illusion that is boggling minds online claims it could determine how easily your heart gets broken and how likely you are to settle in a relationship. What viewers first see when they first glance at a mind-bending picture could unveil truths about their approach to relationships.

The psychological test comes from TikToker Mia Yilin, whose brain teasers have helped her rack up a following of nearly 456,000 followers. In the image, both a fish and a cloud are pictured, and according to Mia, whichever you see first could unveil your outlook on love and susceptibility to heartbreak.

The video, which has garnered more than 75,000 views so far, she tells viewers what it means if you see the cloud first.

“What is the first thing you see in this picture?” asked the content creator. “If you first saw the cloud, although you may seem like a very resilient ad brave person on the outside, in reality, you’re quite sensitive.”

“[You may] have a heart that is easily broken” added Mia. “As a result, you often find yourself hurt by the words and actions of others.”

According to the content creator, people in this category may also experience commitment issues. “You hate the idea of settling for someone and having very high standards when going into a relationship,” she said.

Mia then revealed that if you saw the fish first, you may like to make the most out of life. She explained: “If you first saw the fish, then you have this mentality that since life is short and we’re all gonna die someday, we might as well like life to the fullest.

“Therefore you hate wasting your precious time and attention on people and things that do not deserve it. You also value actions over words, so whenever you have a goal, you put your absolute all into it.

“As a result of your hard work, you will likely be very successful and achieve your dreams,” added Mia. “However, you often feel a lot of anxiety and stress due to uncertainties of the future.”

“Fish.. and quite true about me,” wrote one view, while the person penned: “Fish, very true.”

Others pointed out that it would be impossible not to see a fish in the photo, while some asked what it meant if they saw both a cloud and a fish at the same time.

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