Google Pixel 4 camera could have 20x zoom
Google Pixel 4 camera could have 20x zoom
Google Pixel 4 camera could have 20x zoom

We already know that the Pixel 4 is going to have a dual rear camera setup, and today we may be learning another piece of info about the Pixel 4’s camera capabilities.

The Google Pixel 4 camera may have a 20x zoom feature. Claude Zellweger, director of design at Google, recently posted at photo to Instagram that shows the Google ID Studio. What’s notable is that in a comment to another Google employee, Zellweger says “20x zoom #pixel”.

While there’s no explicit mention of the Pixel 4 in this Instagram post or the comment, it’s expected that the Pixel 4 was used to take this photo. As 9to5Google notes, the Pixel 3 tops out at 10x digital zoom.

Google Pixel 4 20x zoom camera

There’s not much known about how Google would achieve a 20x zoom on the Pixel 4. Rumors say that the upcoming Pixel will have a 16MP telephoto camera, so it’s possible that Google will combine that optical zoom with some software tricks to achieve 20x zoom photos. Google’s Pixel 3 offers one of the best smartphone cameras on the market, and so we were already looking forward to seeing what the Pixel 4’s cameras can do, but now we’re even more excited based on this clear 20x zoom photo.

Google is expected to officially introduce the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL at an event in October.



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