Do you want AR glasses?
Do you want AR glasses?
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Depending on the rumor and the company, some are more believable than others. And some companies have a ton to sort through! Just a few years ago it felt like we were hearing about an Apple-branded television set every week. But despite the fact it felt pretty reasonable, and the rumors were coming from every which way, it actually never materialized into a physical product people could buy.

It felt like that with Samsung’s first foldable phone for . . . a long while. Dating back to 2014! But here we are in 2019 and the Galaxy Fold is finally the real deal — albeit a delayed one. Sometimes the rumors just need time to gestate while the dreams catch up to the technological reality.

Augmented reality glasses are already a reality. While Google gave it an effort already with Google Glass, it’s not shocking to say the company was a bit ahead of its time. So while Glass has found its way to the enterprise market, other companies may jump on the track that Google had already put down.

Apple, for instance.

For those who keep track of this sort of thing, one of the more consistent rumors swirling around these days is that Apple is building an augmented reality headset, which may or may not also feature some virtual reality features, too. There have been a variety of rumors regarding this headset, some more believable than others, but nothing is a guarantee at this point.

AR is already a big element of iOS, with ARKit being a feature that Apple is more than happy to show off on stage at its events. And Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, has gone on record praising the technology as a whole. Augmented reality has a lot of potential, both for information and fun, and a pair of well-made glasses could probably be pretty awesome.

But, is this something you actually want? I can’t help but think back to Google Glass and how cool it all seemed, but just how unwanted the headset appeared to be in the general market. A few years later and do you think the market, the public, is ready for a new augmented reality handset? Most importantly, are you wanting an AR headset? Is that a device you want now? Let me know!



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