Angelfish mom and dad

Angelfish mom and dadSupply: Jerry Hildenbrand / Android Central

I really like expertise and all of the related devices and gizmos that associate with it. I am that man who’s prone to have the most recent gear, and I take pleasure in discovering methods to make all of them work higher. However my life-long ardour is one thing a bit easier: fish.

I really like fish. I really like maintaining small tropical fish in aquariums, I really like feeding them on the native park, I really like catching them, and I really like consuming them. Earlier than I ended up in a wheelchair, I even liked snorkeling with them. Due to my father’s enthusiasm, I’ve all the time been a fish lover.

It is obvious that at the least one in all Google’s {hardware} engineers shares my obsession, as each Pixel telephone has used a fish identify as its inner code identify. You may need already recognized this, however I believed it will be actually cool to place a face (as a result of fish have faces and they’re lovely) to the identify and take a look at the fishy historical past of Pixel code names.

Google Pixel 4: All the pieces that you must know, besides the fish code names)

The Google Pixel: Sailfish

Sailfish off the coast of Mexico

Sailfish off the coast of MexicoSupply: Rodrigo Friscione / NOAA

Sailfish dwell within the colder areas of all oceans. They will attain a dimension of 10 toes from invoice (that is the sharp spike on their snout) to tail and weigh as much as 200 kilos. A sailfish is among the quickest fish within the ocean reaching sustained speeds of 22 mph (10 meters per second).

Sailfish haven’t got a sharp nostril for appears to be like — it’s used as a weapon to catch prey and for protection. Sailfish will swing their heads backwards and forwards wildly to injure each the issues it needs to eat and the issues that need to eat it, with the same old outcome being fairly messy in some way.

Sailfish are widespread gamefish and their numbers should not at the moment in peril or declining.

The Google Pixel XL: Marlin

White Marlin in North Carolina

White Marlin in North CarolinaSupply: Dominic Sherony / CC BY-SA 2.0

There are 10 species of marlin, with probably the most well-known being the Black Marlin of the Indo/Pacific and the Atlantic’s Blue and White Marlins. The Blue Marlin is the quickest fish within the sea with swimming speeds clocked as excessive as 50 mph in bursts.

They’re additionally large. Each the Black Marlin and Blue Marlin attain lengths of over 16 toes (5 meters) and tip the scales at 1,400 to 1,800 kilos (635 to 816 kilograms). Just like the Sailfish, which is a detailed relative, Marlin use their payments to subdue prey and for protection.

The Blue Marlin and the White Marlin are each labeled as endangered because of overfishing. Seeing constitution boats are available in on the finish of the day hoisting a number of Marlin was once commonplace, however right now they’re strictly designated catch-and-release — and that is factor.

The Google Pixel 2: Walleye

A walleye from Ontario's Lake Kukukus

A walleye from Ontario's Lake KukukusSupply: Joe Furgeson / CC BY-ND 2.0

The Walleye is a freshwater fish native to Southern Canada and the Northern United States. They will attain a size of about 30 inches (80 cm) and weigh as much as 20 kilos (9 kilograms). They’re additionally a preferred gamefish and thought of glorious on the dinner plate — I can personally vouch for this one.

The identify Walleye comes from the orientation of the eyes; every factors outwards from the physique giving the impression that the fish is staring on the partitions. The eyes additionally mirror mild at night time, which may be seen from the floor when the water is shallow and clear.

The Walleye is Minnesota’s state fish, and every year on the Minnesota state truthful you will discover a protracted line to get deep-fried walleye on a stick. I am including this to my bucket record.

The Google Pixel 2 XL: Taimen

Taimen caught in Mongolia's Uur River

Taimen caught in Mongolia's Uur RiverSupply: Ojensen / Wikimedia Commons

The Siberian Taimen is the most important salmonoid on the planet, reaching a whopping 83 inches (210 cm) and a weight of 231 kilos (105 kilograms). It is discovered over a variety of Asia, in each the Caspian / Arctic drainage in addition to the Pacific drainage.

It is a river-dwelling fish and its food regimen largely consists of different fish, however now and again, it’ll eat terrestrial prey like rodents, reptiles, and birds. With the massive dimension it reaches and the tooth that almost all salmonoids can have, you would possibly suppose it may pose a hazard to people however no recorded instances of Taimen assault have been recorded.

The Taimen is changing into a preferred gamefish, with most fishing achieved utilizing fly sort out and barbless hooks for straightforward launch. Although it is extremely carefully associated to fish just like the Chinook or Atlantic Salmon, it doesn’t transfer upstream to spawn.

The Google Pixel 3: Blueline

Blueline Tilefish

Blueline TilefishSupply: New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife

The Blueline Tilefish may be discovered all alongside the Jap Seaboard, however the bulk of the inhabitants is clustered from Nantucket Island south to Cape Might, New Jersey. They’re a deep water fish, with a most popular vary of 240-780 toes (73-238 meters) and might develop as much as 35 inches (89 cm) and dwell as much as 25 years.

Blueline Tilefish is a well-liked sporting fish, however often not by selection — they’re thought of by many constitution captains as “save the trip” fish. Meaning when the fish you might be after is not biting, a fast stopover to Blueline Tilefish habitat will often imply you do not go residence empty-handed.

Regardless of fishing strain, Blueline Tilefish have a wholesome inhabitants. That is due, partly, to wildlife administration on the state stage and thru packages just like the Mid-Atlantic Fishery Administration Council. Let’s hope issues keep this manner!

The Google Pixel Three XL: Crosshatch

Crosshatch Triggerfish

Crosshatch TriggerfishSupply: NOAA / CC BY 2.0

The Crosshatch is a wonderful Triggerfish from heat waters within the Pacific Ocean, with a large inhabitants discovered alongside the reefs of Hawaii. Ask anybody who has encountered one whereas diving and snorkeling and they’re going to inform you two issues: they get large, and they aren’t afraid to lunge and chunk. Diver beware.

The identify “triggerfish” comes from a novel association of dorsal spines. The primary backbone is locked in its erect place by the elevating of a second, shorter backbone. The one method the primary longer backbone will come down is that if the second backbone is depressed. This may lodge the triggerfish in a small cave or gap or make it too “spiny” to swallow. Each issues are a wonderful deterrent towards predation.

The Google Pixel 3a: Sargo


SargoSupply: Citron / CC BY-SA 3.0

The Sargo is a species of seabream discovered within the Mediterranean and Atlantic coast of Africa. What it lacks in gaudy colours it makes up for in swiftness; two U.S. Navy submarines have been named after the little Sargo.

You will discover Sargo from the surf zone out to a depth of 50 meters, the place they fortunately eat something their sturdy jaws can crush like corals and mollusks. Sargo are commercially fished however should be eaten contemporary because the meat will style unhealthy if the fish is useless for greater than a short while.

Sargo are protandrous hermaphrodites, which implies that they begin life as males and have the flexibility to show feminine later if there’s a organic want, akin to an absence of appropriate breeding females. Many different ocean fish additionally exhibit this trait, together with the orange and white Clownfish that Discovering Nemo made widespread.

The Google Pixel 3a XL: Bonito


BonitoSupply: Iker Uriarte / Wikimedia Commons

Bonito means “pretty” in Spanish and Portuguese, nevertheless it’s additionally a reputation for a bunch of ocean fish carefully associated to the mackerel.

Reaching sizes of 30 inches and 15 kilos, Bonito are present in all of the world’s oceans. The Atlantic Bonito may be discovered nearly from pole to pole, and this sturdy swimmer is a well-liked gamefish for each coastal and offshore fishermen.

An enormous a part of the explanation why is the agency flesh resembles that of tuna, one other shut relative. A day’s catch of Bonito minimize into steaks and grilled with a little bit of mint and jalapeno pepper makes a wonderful meal and one thing each grilling aficionado must strive.

The Google Pixel 4: Flame

Flame Angelfish

Flame AngelfishSupply: Andreas März / CC BY 2.0

The “flame” within the Pixel 4’s code identify stands for Flame Angel — some of the lovely reef-dwelling fish on the market.

Present in most Pacific coral reef biotopes, the Flame Angelfish is considerable in Hawaii, which is a diving hotspot. Meaning loads of individuals get to see the small (round Four inches) magnificence spending its time nibbling away at algae and small crustaceans.

This has made the Flame Angelfish a highly regarded aquarium fish, the place it’s proper at residence in any aquarium of appropriate dimension with loads of nooks and crannies to cover. In captivity, it is often simple to wean a Flame Angelfish away from its food regimen of algae and meaty crustaceans to a extra tank-friendly food regimen of balanced pelleted meals. Normally.

The Google Pixel Four XL: Coral

Coral Beauty

Coral BeautySupply: Rickard Zerpe / CC BY 2.0

Whereas “coral” is type of a fishy identify by itself, this time it is quick for the identify of one other of the world’s prettiest reef-dwelling fish: the Coral Magnificence.

It shares many traits with the Flame Angelfish listed above. It’s normal within the heat shallow reefs of the Indo-Pacific and is small, reaching a most dimension of three inches. Within the wild, the majority of its food regimen is manufactured from meaty crustaceans and mollusks, as it may well nibble away at their shells with its highly effective tooth.

A technique that it differs from the Flame Angelfish is its reef aquarium “safeness” — the Coral Magnificence will nibble away at corals, clams, hermit crabs, scallops, and the rest it thinks tastes good and might catch.

There’s additionally a deep-water variant of the Coral Magnificence, which shares all of the traits because the phenotype besides the coloration. The deep-water sort is brown and yellow as a substitute of strikingly marked in orange and blue.

None of this can provide help to get higher battery life out of your Pixel telephone or discover secret methods to make it excellent for you. However it’s cool — figuring out that there are fish nerds at Google lets us keep in mind that they’re common people such as you and me. Keep in mind this the following time you seize a rod or make a journey to the pet retailer.

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Something fishy's going on: How Google names in-development Pixels

Something fishy's going on: How Google names in-development Pixels

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