The folks at SamMobile have a new bunch of leaks pertaining to the Galaxy Buds+. And while these kinds of things usually excite fans, prepare to be disappointed this time around.

The Samsung enthusiast site has determined, as per reliable sources, that the Galaxy Buds+ will not feature active noise cancellation, a highly coveted feature and one that many were expecting was a given after Apple decided to add it to the AirPods Pro.

Alongside the already disheartening lack of changes to the Buds+’s external design, Samsung doesn’t actually seem all that interested in making any significant modifications to the Buds’ successor this time around. According to SamMobile, the only difference between the Galaxy Buds and the Buds+ will be the addition of two more microphones for improved call quality and a larger battery.

On that last front, at least, Samsung does attempt to redeem itself. Compared to their predecessor’s 58 mAh battery, the Buds+ will include a much larger 85 mAh power pack inside. While you might be forgiven for thinking Samsung’s engineers came to the number by simply flipping the digits on the Buds’ battery capacity, you’ll be pleased to know the change will enable you to use the Buds+ for up to 12 hours including the battery on the case, of course.

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While that’s definitely a significant quality-of-life improvement that frequent users of the Buds will appreciate, the Buds+ are turning out to be rather un-exciting overall, with little incentive to upgrade from the current-gen Galaxy Buds. We’ll see if Samsung has any surprises that can convince us otherwise on February 11, when the company will unveil the earphones alongside the Galaxy S20 and its first clamshell foldable, the Galaxy Z Flip.

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