PNY 512GB microSD card now being discounted at Amazon
PNY 512GB microSD card now being discounted at Amazon

Looking to add a massive amount of storage to your phone, tablet, or gaming console? Amazon has a microSD deal for you.

The PNY Elite 512GB microSD card is now on sale at Amazon for $89.99. That’s nearly half off its regular price and is a few dollars shy of its all-time low price. The card ships from and is sold by Amazon, and it’s eligible for Prime shipping.

PNY’s Elite microSD card offers up to 90MB/s transfer speeds and includes an SD adapter in case you need it for a device that only takes SD cards or for a computer card reader.

Also of note is the PNY Pro Elite 512GB microSD card. This one’s a little pricier than the PNY Elite card, coming in at $99.99, but that’s also nearly 50 percent off its regular price.

The PNY Pro Elite card offers slightly faster read speeds up to 100MB/s if you want something speedier for 4K video. Like the regular PNY Pro microSD card, the PNY Pro Elite comes with an SD adapter.

With these PNY microSD cards, you can add half a gigabyte of storage to your phone, tablet, or gaming console. That means you can load up tons of additional songs or photos on your phone, or carry way more games on your Nintendo Switch everywhere you go. There’s no telling how long these prices will be around, so if you’re interested, you may want to jump on them soon.

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