Some Google Smart Display house owners are seeing enhancements to the knowledge proven on their screens with Google Images, in accordance to a report on Android Police. Google Smart Shows pull images from your Google Images library, and beforehand, the show would solely present fundamental identify and photo album data. Now, some images appear to be displayed with date data, together with the date the photo was taken and a tough estimate of the time handed since then.

Artem over at Android Police confirms this on his personal gadget, however says solely 10-20% of the images are being proven with the brand new data and he can not decide why. There are numerous causes this might be occurring and, and it is also fully potential that that is simply a take a look at Google is operating. Google has not talked about any modifications on its official Photos blog.

Smart photo shows have come a good distance, and Google Assistant has come even farther. Whereas it is good to see some enhancements to the knowledge supplied, how lengthy till Google begins utilizing its prowess with picture recognition to determine individuals and objects within the images? It could be good to see a bit extra smarts on the Smart Display than simply the date and the photographer.

Google Display

You no longer have to ask your Google Smart Display when a photo was taken

You no longer have to ask your Google Smart Display when a photo was taken

Google Nest Hub

A fairly-sized dwelling hub with Google smarts

The Nest Hub takes the perfect of Google’s app ecosystem and Assistant and combines it with Nest sensible dwelling powers to create a highly effective dwelling hub.

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