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Regé-Jean Page hit international fame in 2020 when the period drama Bridgerton hit Netflix screens in 2020. Shortly after the actor wooed audiences with his portrayal of the Duke of Hastings, he dropped out of the following seasons, leaving fans devastated.

As a result, Page became a hot favourite to take over as the next James Bond following Daniel Craig.

Craig, at the time, was gearing up to release his fifth and final 007 movie, No Time To Die (which you can watch for FREE right now on Prime Video), after playing the hero for 15 years.

But rumours began stirring behind the scenes that Page (who turns 35-years-old today on Thursday, April 27, 2023) had already begun talking about joining the Bond series.

And since then, the star has been inundated with questions about whether he’ll be joining the franchise in the next year.

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Page, who recently played Xenk the Paladin in Dungeons & Dragons: Honour Among Thieves, was told by Vanity Fair that there were “rumours” that he is in the running for Bond.

He coyly replied: “It’s a conversation people are having, and it’s terribly flattering that they’re having it. I leave them to it.”

The publication went on to ask Page if he would ever consider grabbing the opportunity if it arose, and his reply was surprising.

Page reasoned: “I have no idea. It’s not a thing that is fully occupying my thoughts.”

He added: “I’ve got enough on my plate at the moment. I worry about the work I have, not other people’s jobs.

With that in mind, his odds of becoming the next James Bond have been drastically slashed, placing him as one of the frontrunners in the entire world.

At the time of writing, Ladbrokes have awarded Page a staggering 9/1 on becoming the next James Bond after Craig’s tenure came to an end.

The official announcement of the new-and-improved 007 actor will likely come within the next year, but Page’s popularity could help him secure the position in the blockbuster series before the decision is made.

However, he isn’t alone in the running, as the top of the 007 list is filled with the likes of James Norton, who has 9/4, and Henry Cavill, who has 5/2.

His biggest threat, however, is Tom Hardy, who is just ahead of him with 7/1.

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