Bosch’s new ‘ear’ for the House Station’s Astrobee robotic will let it ‘hear’ potential mechanical points

Bosch is about to launch a brand new AI-based sensor system to the Worldwide House Station that might change the best way astronauts and floor crew monitor the ISS’s continued wholesome operation. The so-called “SoundSee” module can be roughly the dimensions of a lunch field, and can make its strategy to the ISS through Northrop Grumman’s forthcoming CRS-12 resupply mission, which is at present set for a November 2 launch.

The SoundSee module combines microphones with machine studying to carry out evaluation of sounds it picks up from the station, which it may possibly use to successfully set up a wholesome baseline, after which regularly use new audio knowledge to check with a view to get advance discover of potential mechanical points through modifications that might sign issues.

SoundSee can be cellular through set up on Astrobee, an autonomous floating cube-shaped robotic that took its first completely self-guided flight in decreased gravity in June this 12 months. Astrobee’s roving position is an ideal approach for Bosch’s SoundSee tech, which it developed in partnership with Astrobotic and NASA, to work on and develop its autonomous sensing tech which it should finally use to offer data about how techniques are at present acting on the ISS, and when particular techniques would possibly want upkeep or repairs – ideally earlier than it turns into a difficulty.

Bosch’s new ‘ear’ for the House Station’s Astrobee robotic will let it ‘hear’ potential mechanical points

The primary autonomous flight of Astrobee passed off in June, 2019 on the ISS.

As with different issues that Astrobee is designed to assist with, SoundSee’s final goal is to automate issues that the astronaut crew of the ISS at present must do manually. Already, SoundSee has been present process intensive floor testing right here on Earth in a simulated setting just like what it should expertise on the ISS, however as soon as in house, it’ll face the true check of its meant use state of affairs.


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