Video video games like The Outer Worlds are starting to match the creativeness and suppleness of tabletop RPGs. Simply add larger knowledge units and computing energy, says Jacob Aron in his newest column


13 November 2019

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The Outer Worlds has wonderful vistas – and deep dialogue

Obsidian Leisure, Inc.

The Outer Worlds, PC, PlayStation four and Xbox One Obsidian Leisure

Online at, AI Dungeon, Nick Walton

EVERY couple of weeks, my mates and I collect to think about the long run. Properly, a future: we play a tabletop role-playing game (TTRPG) tailored from Carbon 2185 that’s set in a cyberpunk, post-Brexit London the place companies run every thing. Suppose Dungeons & Dragons meets Blade Runner meets an endless howl on the present state of the UK.


Lately, our crew was tasked …


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